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Considering these information and exterior events, he will then innerly decide that, for example, men abandon their children, that a husband should always dominate his wife or that the wife must insidiously dominate her husband.

His life and his experience will be strongly influenced by the example of his own parents couple. For example, he will be scared of marriage or of being abandoned (especially if he himself was abandoned by both his parents during childhood).

In all traumatizing circumstances he will be conditioned by all that he has seen, felt or intuited, in his parents couple, and moreover, he will be deeply SHAPED by all (good or bad things) as a witness of his parents life.

Knowing all these aspects (unsuspected by the others) it is necessary that we should attentively, lucidly and detachedly go back in the time when we were little and we curiously and innocently looked at our parents, in order to remember and become aware of all the PATTERNS we had created when interfering with our parents archetypal couple.

Such an objective awareness will make us realize that all our fears, hesitations, suspicions, rigidities, our immense need to be loved, our aspiration to offer love, our wish to always be encouraged, appreciated, happy, satisfied, etc, often come from the childhood.

Then he was afraid, suspicious, he didnt want to be rejected or abandoned or saw his father left by his wife or his mother left by her husband.

Tantra Magazine
It is very important that we should realize how our parents attitude influences us in the present times. If we are unfair, brutal, violent, ironic, authoritative, may be one of our parents used to be like this in their couple relationship.

Another cause is our almost complete lack or unemployed of the creative imagination in our erotic life.

In such circumstances, we unconsciously choose the obsessive reiteration of the parents pattern (programmed when we were children), without studying it or without wondering whether we really want to live the same type of unhappy relationship that our parents used to have.

In fact, this strong, beneficialial, controlled, creative imagination means to always believe in ourselves and in the subtle beneficialial power that we receive from Macrocosm through RESONANCE.

It can help us gradually control our destiny, choosing by ourselves the most harmonious and happiest lifestyle.

The positive creative imagination means to trust yourself and the sublime potential aspects that must be completely awakened, and to reflect in your inner world enriched by the continent love, the objective reality of the manifestation of God.

What is for all of us the creative imagination? Even if we dont know, it is our main dynamic subtle aspect; the ruling tool of this gigantic force is the mental power coordinated by intelligence.

Tantra Magazine

In fact, the creative imagination is our ability to visualize at order, clearly and for hours, IMAGES, IDEAS, ASPECTS that make us resonate with certain subtle energies from Macrocosm and to foresee the events through firm and beneficialial mental projection.

The creative imagination turns us into positively thinking, open persons who are willing to love and to evolve.

It awakens and develops our amorous mastership and diversifies our power to create, giving us the possibility to instantaneously escape from our individual reality by the means of the mentality controlled visualization.

The subtle energy of the creative imagination develops our ability to conceive amazing scientific theories or to reveal the hidden symbolism of the reality and the force ideas of God.

Lacking the creative imagination that facilitates the resonance with many subtle beneficialal creative energies from the MACROCOSM, people would live guided only by their primary wishes and impulses.

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