Here is a fragment of one of the most thrilling handbooks written on erotic literature, a real practical guide for those eager to know the real value of Ecstasy.

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MARGO ANAND NASLEDNIKOV, a Yoga practitioner and one of the most famous disciples of Osho tells us about her erotic spiritual experiences:

“My love life began at 16 when, after so many fears and hesitations, I accepted giving up my virginity, which seemed so precious to me at the time. But my first special experience came when I was 18. It made me decide to go on a long trip in search of ecstatic erotic experiences, a trip that is still going on now.

At that time I was in love with a young artist named Robert. He was exactly the type of man I was looking for, big, strong, and handsome. So it was pretty easy for him to win me over.
Though our sexual intercourse was primitive, somewhat cruel and savage at first, he totally made my teenager dreams come true – he behaved as I thought a man should behave with a woman.

But at that time I started practicing YOGA and I was having my first subtle perceptions so I started wondering if I could introduce these wonderful feelings inside my intimate sexual life.

One night, while making passionate, mad love, like we used to, I felt the need for a lot more peace inside myself, a lot more love Something inside told me that we could do a lot better, that sexual intercourse could help us discover new dimensions, where there was no limit between lovers. At that moment I told Robert about my feelings, “Please, Robert, do it slower. Let’s try something new!”

And we simply started moving a lot slower. It was a sudden transition at first, I felt like we stopped, like we weren’t making love any more. But this sensation disappeared soon and we started caressing each other at first on our hair, then on the back of our necks and then we lowered our hands and fingers down our bodies. Robert was tenderly and sensuously exploring my breasts, hips, thighs, etc. I felt like I was expanding; I started floating with pleasure and happiness. There was a very deep and profound inner feeling, as we kept on moving one towards the other, in sensuous and ample waves.

Tantra Magazine
Those moments when I was on top of him made me so excited. It was something new in our lives and I was responsible for it. It was a subtle change of roles and I felt Robert changing, becoming tender and kind. We were so close to each other and for the first time I felt that a man could really understand a woman. We staid that way for minutes, feeling the excitement and becoming conscious about how it rose through our bodies.

I started to feel a warm and burning energy inside my pelvis that was extending all over my body. In order to maintain the sexual excitement, we went back, when it started to fade away, to our usual way of making love, which was so alive and exciting. Robert was penetrating me so confidently and powerfully, but at the same time he was tender and passionate. The excitement grew very quickly and we became like a volcano ready to erupt. But immediately before the climax we stopped, relaxed and became quiet again, happy to savor the effervescence of our feelings. We did the same thing a number of times and then something unexpected happened. Suddenly we both felt like we were projected into an unlimited space, infinite and filled with warmth and light.

Tantra Magazine

The boundaries between our bodies had disappeared and with them the differences between a man and a woman. We almost became one and the same human being. The feeling was so full that we could almost touch it. We were out of the ordinary restrictions of time and we felt like we could stay that way, in that ecstasy, forever. There was no need for a discharge or even to move. There was nothing else to do or to achieve. Everything was inside. We were in ecstasy.

After that unusual experience we tried again and again to reach the exact same ecstatic state, when we loved each other, but there was no use. Robert forgot all these very fast and I felt more and more that the usual, commonplace orgasm is not the climax of feelings in an erotic fusion.

As many are, I’m sure – this sentiment being more complex in a woman – I was frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t using even 10 % of my sexual-erotic potential. I was realizing that the average pleasure of a domestic sexuality was only the beginning.”