by Dinu Roman

Tantra Magazine

The first sign the Tantric lovers will notice, after a period of successful Tantric practice, is an incredible development of their sensorial acuity and exceptional unfolding of the perceptive power of their senses.

Their perception of reality is intensified and simultaneously perceived as intricately complex: its appearance is now of a higher order than that perceived before.

Outer objects lose their ‘solid’ appearance and appear fluid and continuously moving in a harmonious rhythm. Every tiny detail of the surrounding world reveals itself as a complex Universe in miniature.

The significance of every detail of the world changes from how it was understood before. Profound qualitative changes of the coordinates of the manifested world appear: time is accelerated, space expands and causality becomes fluent.

A new aesthetic awareness awakens – everything is beautiful! The beauty of the spiritual substratum of everything that exists is now perceived even in the so-called “ugly” things or phenomena.

An unbelievable feeling of inner freedom and ecstatic bliss (without apparent reason) develops gradually, being associated with a steady awakening of intuition (the sixth sense). As a result of this fact, in the practitioner’s mind a profound mental state without any sign of confusion sets in.

Tantra Magazine
The lower “ego” is “diluted” to the point of disappearance, and as a result, our ancestral sense of insularity is replaced with an ecstatic participation to the Cosmic Harmony, just like a drop of water merges with the ocean, adding to its wholeness, but at the same time maintaining its individuality.

“Subject” and “object” appear now as polarities of the same unique phenomenon. That which generally produced feelings of fear and insecurity is now perceived as perfectly safe.

A spontaneous and open introspection becomes an everyday reality (“open introspection” means that you do not have to dive inside yourself and break the link with the outer world in order to find the Spirit, because you realize now that everything inside and outside is Spirit).

The individual becomes aware of a subtle, sometimes even erotic-like dynamics between “inner” and “outer”. He or she now perceives a state of freedom from previous mimetic social conditioning.

The sense of unity is awakened (the correlation of the opposites, the identity of the reversed and the complementarities of the contraries). He or she attains a universal understanding of the complexity of the Reality we belong to.

A permanent state of total self-presence settles in effortlessly. The world appears to us as an erotic play that is at the same time a kind of self-generated joy, deep harmony and fascinating mystery: the whole display of reality appears as a living choreography, the entire existence becomes an enchantment which includes everything that before was perceived as insignificant, obscure, mundane or ordinary.

Tantra Magazine

Empathy develops, which allows us to experience the inner state of our lover or of other people upon which we focus our mind, even from a great distance, exactly the same as we feel ourselves, with all the richness of inner feelings and sensations.

Due to the refined erotic ecstasies experienced the inner vision becomes extremely penetrating and intense. It is as if instead of eyes we have microscopes, with which we discern the details of both inner and outer worlds.

The sense of taste is amplified. The sense of smell is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Tantric way of lovemaking: the practitioner discovers that the air he breathes in has thousands of olfactory nuances that explode in his nostrils with ecstatic messages.

The touch, profoundly sensual, becomes subtly electrical and at the same time fluid. A gentle touch transforms itself into hundreds of bio energetic explosions of refined pleasure, a refined energy pulsates, rippling in circles from the place of touch, spreading slowly throughout the body up to the brain, where thousands of luminescent dots explode like ecstatic fireworks, inducing a suave state of beatitude.

The Tantric way of lovemaking naturally frees and effortlessly transforms a huge quantity of erotic energy, refining it and transmuting it into higher levels.

Tantra Magazine

No matter how sexually endowed and no matter how intense and fulfilling one considers his or her sexual life, a human being cannot even imagine the intensity and depth of the erotic states attained through Tantra Yoga.

For any intelligent person Tantra Yoga is obviously a superior way of approaching love, relationships and ultimately life. Tantra is the most potent aphrodisiac and the most powerful way of developing the latent psycho-mental powers of mind and consciousness to the extreme.

The Tantric Science was and still is the object of intense practical studies reserved to the very few spiritual explorers who have surpassed the lower way of approaching physical love and relationships, and who can see beyond rigid rules and false spiritual dogmas.