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The amorous pleasure doesn’t reduce itself to a mere pleasant but very short sensation. It can be much more and this could happen only by understanding and constantly making love with sexual continence.

Implying a sexual intercourse with no semen emission, but reaching an unlimited number of orgasm s by the two lovers (at the same time or separately), sexual continence is based on a full and conscious control of the sexual function by the man and the woman. Therefore this way of experiencing the intercourse does not end up with the man’s semen emission or with an explosive discharge of the woman’s sexual energy. The woman loses her sexual energy during an explosive orgasm as same as man during an ejaculatory orgasm. So, even the women have to practice sexual continence for reaching more elevated type of orgasms.
As a superior form of erotism, sexual continence makes possible the biological turning of the sexual creative potential into superior forms of energy like mental and spiritual energy, through stimulating some ineffable processes of inner sublimation .
By successfully carrying out the sexual continence by the two, as a couple, the amorous experience gets plenary while the sensation of being exhausted and sleepy (which accompanies the man’s semen emission and the woman’s explosive orgasm) disappears; in time the woman can reach the orgasm every time she wishes to and the couple harmony and happiness grow. According to the Eastern view, this way of constantly making love with sexual continence turns into a gradual progressive dilatation of the human being’s subtle bodies that causes ecstasy.

Tantra Magazine
1. It harmonizes the structure of the body naturally and quickly
An intercourse experienced with continence is not only extraordinarily pleasant but moreover, it is equivalent to one hour of playing tennis or to 45 minutes of jogging. Besides the anti-stress molecules (endorphins), which are produced by secretion through sexual prolonged pleasure, these molecules may alleviate the bulimic attack as if by magic. Thus one may give up jogging or the monotonous antifatness treatment in favour of the frenetic love games with sexual continence.

2. It regenerates the blood
From 15 breathing motions per minute, at rest, during the intercourse with continence, due to excitation, one can attain 30 breathing motions. Therefore both the male body and the female one are better irrigated, better oxygenated. Thus almost all the residua of dioxide carbon are quickly burnt and the blood is regenerated naturally.

3. It naturally and quickly stimulates digestion
According to some researches, the saliva which is spontaneously exchanged between the two lovers during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence facilitates digestion and has good and deep effects upon the strengthening of the immunity system.

4. It regulates the menstruation naturally and diminishes it very much reducing it up to one or two days
A reduced disorganised sexual life without sexual continence is often translated (for a woman) into an irregular, long-lasting (6-7 days) menstruation which appears to be or in a great quantity or even painful. On the contrary, the sexual intercourse always experienced with continence supports among others the hormonal equilibrium and it implicitly regulates the menstruation naturally. On the other hand, specialized investigations showed that the women who have tens of multiple and prolonged orgasms, without discharging of sexual energy produce a great quantity of endorphins by secretion and have a short-lasting, regular and painless menstruation. In the case of those women who have been practising this kind of love for a long time, the menstruation is stopped for 3-4 months consecutively and the respective women feel wonderful and they are full of energy.

5. In the case of women sexual continence leads to a natural growing of the breasts
Due to intense excitation and the growing of the sanguine flow, breasts may naturally increase their volume up to 25% during a sexual intercourse experienced with sexual continence. It has been proved that the breasts become more sensitive to sensuous caresses, which easily produces the woman delicious sensations.

6. It accelerates the intestinal transit
The deep and extensive contraction of the abdominal muscles, which takes place during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence, produces a complex and natural abdominal massage, which among others stimulates the intestinal transit.

7. It naturally tones up the abdominal muscles
Making love only with sexual continence, intensely and often for a long time, the abdominal muscles are pleasantly and naturally stimulated. The stimulator is the diaphragm. Placed between the abdominal belt and lungs, this important muscle contracts rhythmically and harmoniously due to the breath acceleration and thus it stimulates the abdominal muscles.

8. The sleep is improved and the hours which are earmarked for sleeping decrease naturally
It is known that, generally, the prolonged pleasure is an excellent sedative for the man. But it acts almost as for the woman. These extraordinary, tranquillising, calming effects are produced by endorphins.

9. It diminishes and in time it dissolves anxiety
Making love only with continence quickly endows us with qualities among which we should remember: the lack of stress, deep relaxation, high spirits, euphoria, and the sense of humour. At the origin of these effects there is the same massive secretion of the endorphins, which appears in the moment of the orgasms with no semen emission in the man’s case and with no discharge of sexual energy in the woman’s case. At the same time implying a physical activity, the experience of making love with sexual continence frenetically allows others the quick elimination of the muscular, nervous and psychic tensions.

10. It naturally stimulates the circulation of the blood
During the sexual excitation, the sanguine flow significantly grows both in the erogenous zones and in the whole body. Then the arteries relax easily. Also, the intense pleasure which is produced makes them gradually dilate, thus stimulating a good condition and immense happiness.