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Imagine a vast realm, blessed with a gentle climate, majestic mountains, mysterious forests, fruitful fields, clear rivers, and wild waterfalls.

A realm with perfect organization, splendid temples and beautiful cities, in which live human beings who share the same spiritual aspirations and an ardent love for God.

This is Shambala, and at the same time, much more than this, beyond our wildest imagination. We can understand what Shambala is only when we get to know this wonderful realm.

The vision of Shambala previously presented is usually associated with meditation, but we have to say, from the very beginning, that in this realm frantic activity occurs, oriented towards the divine, which has a great impact on Earth.

From immemorial times many human beings who found out about the existence of this sublime realm, in which authentic spirituality is always present, have attempted and aspired to reach it.

Some of them have succeeded, others have returned much wiser, and the fascinating legends mysteriously woven about these extraordinary people who have had the courage to follow their hearts and dreams send us a clear and definite message: Shambala is real. We may also get there. For this, we have to have aspiration inside our hearts.

Although Shambala is only one of the innumerable parallel worlds of the macro cosmos, this world has a special significance for us.

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Shambala is an elevated world, whose main purpose is to govern the spiritual destiny of our planet. This is the reason for which the king of Shambala is in the most direct sense, the ruler of our planet.

Naturally, the great initiates of Earth knew about the existence of this world which has inspired and directly influenced the destiny of our planet.

More than this, the myth of a realm of the wise, governing the Earth is found in all folk traditions. Of course, this realm has different names, such as Tula, the White Island, the Holy Ground, etc, but they are all referring to the same place.

In the Eastern tradition, this realm is named Shambala, in sanskrit meaning ‘the spring of the divine bliss’, or to be more precise, that which allows us to access the spring of bliss.

Because of its role, Shambala is also named the Spiritual Center of our planet. However, this center is not located physically, but subtly, in the ethereal plane, co-existing with our physical universe.

This ethereal level is a dimension closer to our physical level, and this is the explanation for the rapid impact the dwellers of Shambala have in our world.

The ethereal level is placed at the inferior limit of the astral universe, and it is the intermediary dimension connecting the physical and astral levels.

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The name ‘Spiritual Center of our planet’ reflects the fact that the whole of earthly wisdom and history is stored in Shambala’s immense archives.

Furthermore, the world of Shambala and the people living there inspire, permanently and continuously all authentic traditions on Earth.

In each historical era, there is a place in which the sacred tradition is alive and blossoming. This place is usually characterized by a great concentration of sages, and of spiritual people.

Naturally, because of the elevated aspirations of the human beings of that area, the telepathic connection with Shambala is quite strong. The people living in that area are directly inspired by the world of Shambala, and they may even be incarnated beings from Shambala.

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