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The Kala Chakra Tantra system is an authentic spiritual “spring”, a fact proven by the existence of several great spiritual masters coming from this lineage.

For instance, Padma Sambhava was such a master endowed with an exceptional spiritual force and who had many disciples. Practically, all the great Tibetan yogis and sages, Marpa and Milarepa included were initiated into this system.

The Buddhist legends say that Buddha himself transmitted this system to people and that the King of Shambala invisibly assisted that initiation. He is said to have been accompanied by numerous angelic entities and Bodhisattvas.

However, we have to be objective and realize the fact that there are times when Buddhism, just as any other religious dogma falls into the trap of exclusivity, thus there are some Buddhist texts in which we find that the King of Shambala had received this initiation from Buddha as well, and that he had kept it into Shambala in order to re-transmit it to the people from earth, when the time came.

In fact this interpretation lacks logic, because the “heart” of this system refers to the very ways of connecting to Shambala and its king. The traditional interpretation according to which any revelations about Shambala are made under the direct influence and guidance from the king of Shambala himself is therefore more accurate.

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Under the direct influence of the world of Shambala, whose role is to help mankind in its attempts to evolve spiritually, the highest ideals of the Tibetan tradition are wisdom and compassion.

The most important Tibetan initiations are to this day preceded by “sacred vows” through which the initiate promises to use his or her teaching and spiritual experiences only to help all the beings in the universe to attain the state of spiritual freedom.

The generous Tibetan tradition of the Bodhisattva, exceptional human beings incarnated to support the spiritual evolution of mankind and not due to karmic necessity, also indicates the decisive influence of Shambala.

The ideal of Bodhisattva is unique in the landscape of our planetary spiritual traditions. The western interpretation of this fact is that the Bodhisattva “gives up” his spiritual freedom in order to help and serve humanity.

However, the Tibetan perspective on this issue is different and profoundly positive. The Bodhisattva is a person who has already attained the perfect, divine state of realization, and according his/her will, he/she offers his/her entire being in a generous and abnegating manner to the task of helping all the beings in the universe.

We find echoes of this tradition in the essential revelations of great men of vision such as Swedenborg and Lorber, revelations concerning the spiritual angelic realms.

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The sustained activity in the service of God, through which the angels sustain the spiritual transformation of people, is a divine law of the spiritual realms.

The human beings who aspire to attain the state of divine realization have to obey the divine laws, the law of permanent activity and continuous service to God included.

Consequently, the ideal of Bodhisattva, to which the yogis aspire, confirms both through its existence and through the manifestation of several Bodhisattvas in Tibet the direct spiritual guidance of Shambala. This is truly the subtle universe in which the wise who dedicate their existence, energy and being to God live, invisibly sustaining the evolution of mankind, and helping full of abnegation all human beings who sincerely desire to find God.

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