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The connection with Shambala was preserved through the projection of this realm on the Earth, but this does not mean that their effort to help mankind was ever interrupted. This only means that the great majority of humankind benefited from the help of Shambala in an unconscious manner.

The world of Shambala has indirectly appeared in the most important event of our planet, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There are people who say that the “three magi from the East” were in fact beings who came from Shambala to bring their homage to the Savior and to point out to the people needing it, the importance of His Birth.
Thus, the activity of Shambala differs from one historical moment to another, according to the epoch mankind goes through, to the evolutionary stage and to the planetary predominance.
Furthermore, as we previously indicated, the existence of Shambala was very obvious for the people living during the Satya Yuga (the Golden Age) and it is almost imperceptible to the people of Kali Yuga (the Dark Age).

Therefore, except for the Tibetan tradition, which was and still is very encrypted in terms of meaning for the great majority of our planets dwellers, Shambala is pretty much a mystery.
During this time, preceding the return to Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, Shambala and its king (as reflected in the Tibetan tradition) will play a highly important role, practically leading mankind to a luminous, spiritual destiny, inspiring and supporting the human beings who turned themselves completely towards God.
Tantra Magazine Shambala, now hidden as the most spiritual secret of the planet will gradually come back into the peoples consciousness, both through its subtle influence, and through the direct revelation of many mysteries connected to the existence of this spiritual center.
Undoubtedly, as we said in a previous article on this topic, Tibet was the projection area of Shambala on Earth. This is why the whole of the Tibetan tradition was under the influence of Shambala, and this is the reason for which all spiritual seekers are so fascinated by Shambala. Therefore, it is no wonder that before China invaded Tibet, more than 25% of the Tibetan population was made up of monks.
Unfortunately, the destructive historical changes did not miss the Tibetan people, their culture and most of all, their society. Under the occupation of Communist China, Tibet became only a pale remembrance of the glorious spiritual center it used to be.

Mankinds spiritual decline has obviously been accelerating during the past few years. The forces of evil seem to act according to their own will in order to kill any trace of authentic goodness, kindness, love, beauty, spiritual aspiration and love for God.

It would be absurd to imagine that the sages from Shambala stay there and look upon mankind passively and without the power to aid during this spiritual catastrophe. On the contrary, more than ever before the world of Shambala answers to the sincere aspirations of those who invoke them.

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In fact, the great yogis, for instance Sri Ramakrishna says explicitly that during Kali Yuga the people may attain ultimate spiritual freedom very rapidly, if they genuinely aspire to this sublime ideal.

In conclusion we may say that from a spiritual perspective the present days are highly auspicious because the telepathic support of Shambala is promptly manifested for all people who are on an authentic spiritual path, even though they do not explicitly ask for Shambalas help, or even though they do not perceive it as such.

Furthermore, the telepathic answer of the sages from Shambala may offer an extraordinary spiritual impulse, even concrete, material support to all the people who will be open enough to experiment with these spiritual realities.

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