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Thus, the main spiritual focal point is the projection of Shambala in our world.

This not only means that the connection with Shambala is quite strong, but also that the people from Shambala act directly in order to help the spiritual evolution of our planet, through the people who have the privilege of being part of these spiritual groups.

The projection of Shambala may be said to be a direct, even extended manifestation of Shambala in our physical universe.

Furthermore, there are some secret gateways which allow the passage from our world to another. This fact is also visible in the legends surrounding this story.

It is obvious that in the past, the privileged place from a spiritual point of view was Tibet, and therefore it was considered the projection of Shambala.

This is also the reason for which the most consistent and authentic information on Shambala can be discovered in the Tibetan tradition.

Nevertheless, if we go back in time, we discover that Tibet was not always the most powerful spiritual centre of our planet. During each period, this focal point used to coincide with the area of projection of Shambala (Egypt, Greece, India, Dacia, Ireland, South America, etc.).

Even though almost all ancient authentic traditions are forgotten these days, the special spiritual imprint of these places remains the same.

The resonance with the world of Shambala is still active and powerful in these places, and this aspect is easily revealed to the yogis who are capable of meditation on this subject.

Just as it is more likely to feel closer to God in a church or in a beautiful landscape, and not in a bar or superstore, in the same manner the subtle imprint of these mysterious and privileged places awakens in any pure and receptive person a mystical thrill, a special fascination, which quite often hides the uplifting and unsuspected influence of Shambala.

Beyond the tourist attraction of the Sphinx in Egypt, of the Sun Pyramid in Mexico, or of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi (Greece) we may easily and clearly decipher the fascination of the spiritual force of Shambala.

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We need to make a note: in the light of the Eastern tradition, history is longer and more complex than what we have been taught in school.

If the official history includes tens or hundreds of thousands years, the perspective of spirituality is disturbingly vast, almost impossible to understand with a normal human mind.

For instance, the religious history treaty The Blue Annals, written in the fifteenth century and first translated in the Occident by George Roerich in 1949, begins with an evocation of the Sakyas, the kinsmen of Buddha Gautama.

They mention that after the last destruction of the universe, previous to our cosmic cycle another creation occurred. During the first period after the creation, the life of the people lasted millions of years.

After this interval followed a lineage of no less than 1.2 millions of kings before Buddha was born. Thus, the human civilization is supposed to be billions of years old.

The Hindu tradition states, that the life of the Universe and of the planet Earth is divided in cycles of evolution, precisely calculated, cycles referring both to the universal and human evolution.
We will offer you a simplified presentation of these cosmic cycles.

Each cycle in the development of mankind lasts more than four million years, and after a precise number of such cycles, humankind disappears, only to become manifested again, according to the divine will.

An evolutionary cycle begins with an interval of utmost spiritual flourishing (Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age) followed by a slow spiritual decline.

Passing through two intermediary ages, Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga, the Silver Age and respectively the Copper Age, mankind reaches now the so-called Dark Age, Kali Yuga, a period characterized by an utmost spiritual decline of mankind.

During this Dark Age all moral and spiritual values are altered, and the main predominance is materialism. This is our age, and almost the entire history, as we know it is part of this Dark Age, Kali Yuga.

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Nonetheless, some authentic spiritual traditions still keep some records from the Bronze Age, when people were able to contact the Gods and had access to the parallel spiritual universes.

The Maya tradition divides the planetary evolution into cosmic cycles as well and states that the end of a cycle is determined by a catastrophe.

According to this spiritual history we live during the time of the fifth sun, whose end is predicted for the year 2012, through the modification of the earths axis.

The same solar cycles can be found in the Iranian tradition as well, and the list does not end here.

Therefore, if we ask ourselves how is it possible that all the old traditions from the entire surface of the world is are so alike, the most probable answer is that all traditions are inspired by the same source. The reason for which they assert similar things is simply that this is the reality we live in.

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