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The traditional description of Shambala mentions the fact that it is surrounded by high mountains, impossible to cross, an evident symbol of the fact that Shambala does not exist in this physical dimension, but in a parallel, subtle universe.

For the ardent spiritual seeker, the location of Shambala is of less importance than the existence of this realm, and its mysterious spiritual force, governing the entire planet.

Shambala is not merely a legend of the past, but rather a reality of the present. The mysterious Tibetan initiates are not the only ones who managed to reach Shambala.

An eloquent example in this respect is the Russian painter Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) a mysterious and fascinating character whose close friends say that he visited Shambala. Thus, his inspired writings and paintings reveal his profound knowledge of Shambala.

Nicholas Roerich has travelled and lived for nearly 20 years in India, Himalayas, Central Asia, China, Mongolia, and Tibet, studying folklore, traditions, visiting sacred places, and meeting the initiated who guided him in his exploits.

In the following we will present some excerpts from a text written by Nicholas Roerich in 1928, at Talai-Pho-Brang, in Tibet.

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This text, suggestively entitled “The splendid Shambala” offers the reader the dialogue between Nicholas Roerich and a Tibetan Lama, initiate in the mysteries of Shambala, who confirmed the authenticity of his experience and knowledge about Shambala, and who revealed to Nicholas Roerich many secret issues. Unfortunately, Roerich did not break the silence about most of these issues…

Roerich: “Lama, when we were close to Ulan-Davan, Mongolia, I saw a huge black eagle, flying above us. It flew before a luminescent sphere, unbelievably beautiful, which also flew above us, and which was shining in the sunlight.”

The Lama was pleasantly surprised. He asked promptly, with a sparkle in his eye: “Did you happen to feel incense smell in the desert?”

“Lama, we did. In that rocky desert, a few days distance from any inhabited place, many of us sensed a perfumed breeze. It happened on several occasions. We never smelled such a wonderful perfume.”

“What happened proves that you are under the protection of Shambala, said the Lama. The black eagle represents the enemy, the potential destroyer of your work and efforts, but the protective force, manifested as the luminescent sphere follows you everywhere.

This force is always at your side and even though you do not perceive its presence, it is there by your side, and becomes materially manifested only in moments of crisis, to offer support, inner strength and guidance.

Do you remember the direction in which that sphere flew? Try to follow the path it indicated. You said you knew that when a human being hears the sacred word Kalagiya, it represents a call to the sacred world, Shambala. It means that human being has permission to enter the realm of Shambala.

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When you hear this imperative call, you must know that the path to Shambala is open for you. You have to answer this call with your entire soul, your entire being, with the same aspiration you have to keep breathing. Remember the moment when you first heard this call, because from that moment on, you are forever supported and guided by Shambala.

People should learn to recognize and understand the way in which the subtle entities offer them help and support, because they often tend to reject this help, due to their lack of understanding.”

Of course, not everybody called will necessarily answer this call. Thus, they will not able to receive the support and guidance so compassionately offered.

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