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Many are called, but few are chosen. The way in which the human being is capable of responding to this call with great love and abnegation is very important. He/she must abandon personal interests, vanity and egoism, in order to walk on the right spiritual path, which can be a most difficult path.
Concerning the presence of the mysterious passages to Shambala, Roerich gives us some interesting details: “Lama, in Toufan I saw unexplored caves and tunnels known to be extremely long. Could one reach Shambala through these tunnels? The inhabitants of those areas told us that on several occasions some strangers came out of those caves and tried to buy things with old, out-of-date money.”
“It is true, said the Lama, the inhabitants of Shambala sometimes come here, on Earth to meet with worthy people. They bring with them their precious spiritual gifts and holy relics. I could tell you many stories about things materializing from the very air.”
Then, the Lama tells about the direct manifestation of the king of Shambala in the physical plane. His prophecies are very correct, from our point of view.
“Even Rigden-jyepo (this is the name with which he refers to the king of Shambala) sometimes makes his appearance in the sacred places, in some of the monasteries, and in some special moments when He makes prophecies.

During the night or very early in the morning the Ruler of the World comes to the Temple. When He sets foot into the Temple, all the lamps light themselves, all of a sudden and all at once.
Some of the people present in the temple recognize in Him the Great Stranger and bow before Him with utmost respect. They listen to the prophecies made by Him with great attention. A glorious time will come to earth – Satya Yuga.
The Ruler of the world is ready for the big fight. The cosmic fire will once again come close to the earth. The planets will manifest a new era.
However, before the great time of prosperity there will be difficult times and many, many cataclysms. Humanity will be tested, again and again in order to prove worthy of the glory that awaits it.
The underground fire is now trying to get in touch with the dangerous and mysterious Akasha, the fifth subtle element. If the beneficialial forces of mankind will not act together, as one, devastating cataclysms will come upon them.
There are also stories about His manifestation in order to transmit certain indications to His messengers: for instance, His appearance on the black rock on the way to Ladak has become proverbial.

Messengers from all over came at that time, listening to His words and then spread in the four directions to carry out His message.”

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Shambala is the ultimate source of all our authentic teachings and spiritual paths. And this is a fact regardless of whether we know these things or not, regardless of whether we understand them, and regardless whether we believe in them.

The reality of Shambala is beyond doubt. We can even say that any authentic spiritual path “goes through” Shambala. Each authentic spiritual path is inspired and sustained by the mysterious Shambala and each sincere spiritual aspirant is also sustained and guided by it.
Consequently, if we become aware of these facts, if we learn how to sincerely and ardently ask for the help of Shambala in our spiritual work, we will benefit greatly by these things and by the help of the sages of Shambala.

“By addressing yourself directly to the Great king of Shambala you may reach success, says the Lama. When they say that the shortest path to the spiritual freedom goes through Shambala, you need to understand that Shambalas essential message is that the ultimate spiritual realization is not some abstract and impossible to attain concept, but on the contrary, it may be obtained through sincere aspiration and effort, right here and right now, on this earth and in this very life. In truth, any being may attain spiritual realization, and in truth, any being may hear the call of Shambala! Kalagiya!

Nonetheless, it is not sufficient to hear it. Those who are called need to prove their worthiness and dedicate themselves entirely to their spiritual path and to serving humankind.
Those who work in this world under the inspiration and guidance of Shambala do not live retired and isolated lives; on the contrary they travel everywhere.
Often, people do not recognize them, but these exceptional beings have one thing in common, the fact that they seek to fulfil their spiritual mission by performing beneficialial actions not only for themselves, but also for the entire world.

Sometimes they seem rich but in reality they do not own anything. They are offered everything, but they do not take anything for themselves.

Consequently, when you give yourself to the world of Shambala, everything is taken away from you and at the same time everything is given to you. If you have any regrets, you will be defeated. If you dedicate yourself with joy, you will feel and be enriched.”

These words are the clear expression of the magic value of renunciation and detachment, known in the yogic system as aparigraha, one of the ten ethical and moral principles on which the whole yogic practice is based.
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Renunciation of material attachments and interests attracts after it a veritable spiritual enrichment. Furthermore, the person trying to be a genuine divine channel, in order to spread into the world the light of the Divinity, will also receive in return those beneficialial energies that are manifesting for the world through his or her structure.
“Essentially speaking, Shambala’s teaching is that the things we have been talking about are not remote or impossible, they are here and now. Your efforts in the field of spirituality will find their reward here, on Earth.

Shambalas answer will pour down on you the divine grace and will reward you efforts. Shambalas spiritual teachings are of vital importance, the inspiration and guidance received from them will help all your beneficialial actions, they will prepare you in order to fulfil your spiritual duty, they will open your heart and help you accept all that is manifested for you and which comes directly from God.

In truth, through Shambala and by practicing Kalachakra Tantra, one may rapidly attain perfection, on all levels.
Kalagiya! Kalagiya! Kalagiya! Come to Shambala!