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You may become highly receptive to any Master that you respect. In fact, the student should manifest the same obedience, and have the same answer for his shiek even whether he is praised or punished: Thank you.

There is a Sufi expression, Eyvallah, which is synonymous with Amin, May Your Will be done or, All that is good comes from God.

This is a typical answer that you give when you are offered something, when you lose something, when you are praised or blamed.

Transformation implies the intimacy with what is beyond this Eyvallah. If, for example, a disciples feelings are hurt by his Master, it is for sure that there a good reason that caused it.

An authentic spiritual guide acts for the aspirants well being and harmony and he is a profound and conscious person that knows that this incision of the disciples ego was painful, but necessary.

He wants to teach him something through this attitude. If the students immediate answer is Eyvallah, thank you, he knows that his disciples vanity is about to vanish.

And the disciple will be spiritually rewarded. If the spiritual guide makes a mistake, and this is possible only if he has not achieved supreme liberation, he will receive the karmic answer for that action very fast.

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Kabir confesses, I felt like abandoning a lesson that I had been following for years. During those times I often contradicted my reasons to leave it and this effort postponed my decision for two years.

It seems that my decision was right and that I should have done it earlier. Thus, I would never advise anyone to ignore his conscience and intuition.

There will be times when we have to do something that our ego doesnt want to (or when it will be deprived of its own satisfactions) and then we have to reveal its the real reason it is resisting and to control it.

Any authentic Master will create such circumstances when necessary. But the transformation criterion will always be love.

If the process takes place in an inner frame it is worth trusting it. It does not mean that you are there because you desperately need love or a surrogate family.

It means that love has generated this circumstance. Once I asked a dervish: Is it a sign of evolution when we dont feel the need to be loved anymore? He said: Yes, when we love, we are love itself…”

The obedient attitude of the Sufi path is a soft word suggesting peace and freedom. It is obedience to the Divine Self, to a heart that is love and is naturally and spontaneously obedient to God.

According to a Sufi proverb, The moon is a dervish spinning around in front of the Sun and the brightest light among the stars of the night.

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The obedience to that sun confers great power because it sets us free from our slavery to many things.

Kabir Helminski ends: I have seen people transformed during this process and I have seen them reveal sublime aspects of their nature that overcame their expectations and amazed them.

The power of love is waiting to do this and if we, isolated and independent beings, allowed ourselves to overcome coldness, suspicion and pride, the miracle of unity and love would still be possible.

As a Sufi proverb says The grapes that ripen in the sun smile one to the other.


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