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Kabir Helminski says from his experience:
I find it curious to hear that people are interested in their spiritual evolution but they dont want to be part of a group.

They want to receive the knowledge but they dont want to learn to love others, especially if they dont share the same likes and dislikes, tastes, interests, etc.

Usually, this is an obvious sign that they are closed in the loneliness that must be dissolved in order to perceive their Self. We cannot do everything by ourselves.

We need the lessons that we can derive from others experiences, we need others that complete us so that we can mirror ourselves!

Such dissolution in love is both an overcoming and an expansion beyond our own limits. In a group our relation to ourselves changes. You start to feel responsible for the other ones well being as if they were yourself.

Mohamed said: The believers are like one body. If one part suffers, the entire body feels the pain.

Tantra Magazine
Suffering, a shock to the ego that doesnt feel the divine presence and its omnipotence make us follow a spiritual path.

But, in western countries, the needs of psychic healing and of spiritual accomplishment are independent.

People cannot give up the contractions of their consciousness and become what they really are the divine Self until they find out that their pain is heard and recognized and that they are understood.

The transformation inside a group is a way of inner connection through which our conscious or unconscious obstacles become obvious to us in our relation to both the Master and our spiritual friends.

Everything that gets up must be made conscious through acknowledgement and purified through love.

The group is where the ego has the chance to start to feel the taste of shared love and humbleness.

For the Sufi, obedience is a wonderful word while others consider it alarming: How much will it cost me? Do I have to give up my own wishes and knowledge? Is it a cult?

Tantra Magazine

Sufis consider obedience a stage when you accept God to manifest and act through yourself. It is the agreement we make for the Divine Work to be accomplished through us, just like the Christian mystics.

It is the right attitude of the limited towards the unlimited, of conditioning towards un-conditioning, of the part towards the wholeness.

It is the removal of all false ideas about ourselves, of attachments to interests, actions and dependencies that prevent us from perceiving the presence of the Divine.

Now obedience means, in fact, to listen to your divine Self. The only reason why a disciple listens to his spiritual guide is because the last is more advanced on the path of obeying the Divine. The other members of the group are also reflections of the love you want to be a part of.

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