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“The Moon is a dervish rotating in front of the Sun and the brightest light among the stars of the night”.

Kabir Helminski says: “I have found out that the Suphi teachers joyfully spend some of their time helping those deserving it.

Jesus himself has washed his disciples feet and taught them that if their Master treated them so, they should have had the same humbleness and worship for one another.

In manifestation it is easier to feel God through a humble person. I myself had a lot to learn about, being a leader while being aware of the nothing within me.

An iron hand is not needed to rule, which in fact denies humbleness, but the manifestation of this humbleness by serving without any benefits.

The spiritual master does not consider himself above the ones he serves because he might help persons that sooner or later will spiritually overcome him.

The Sheikh wishes with all his heart to devote himself in order to help others and this is more than serving someone, it means serving the human being itself. The Master can see at the same time both the separate individuality and the God that he obeys”.

Tantra Magazine
Suphism asserts it important to be guided by a sheikh that you love – with your entire being. It is that love that opens the gate to the Master’s spiritual profoundness and to the authentic spiritual tradition.

Only such love can accept teacher’s apparent contradictions by considering them insignificant.

It does not mean that the disciple should accept his teacher’s immortality (if he is not a fully spiritually accomplished master), but the conflicts of his personality can be transcended and dissolved through deep understanding, aided by love.

The psychologist Kabir Helminski continues: “I know from my own experience that authentic spiritual Masters do not become completely learned for a reason. The spiritual aspirants have an active role, from a certain point of view, in making their teacher fully accomplished.

In a group, the leader is the being that we support, sincerely following his teachings, so that he, in his turn, can serve us”.

Of course, the teacher must possess precious knowledge that will be refined and used for helping, but the disciples have a lot to work to do for the guidance they receive. In fact, it is they who create their Master through sincerity and self-denial.

Respect appears when a group can live in truth and loyalty, which are, in fact, consequences of love. One way in which this solidarity manifests is the respect for the whole group.

The Master takes the energetic essence from the group’s “soul”, he lets it flow through himself and uses it for the group’s sake.

Tantra Magazine

When you see your Master, you see the entire spiritual group as he is the burning point of the harmonious and dynamic being as an individuality and even more as a contact point of all relations and resonances of the group as well as of the tradition he represents.

Ideally, the Master manifests an influence that goes beyond time or space and which acts on the group.

When the group members have more spiritual experience and they realize their active role in this dynamic vehicle of transformation, they help their master increase his spiritual refinement, and thus he can offer them more help. They will receive all that they give and even more.

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