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The interval preceding the cataclysm that might destroy humanity is marked by disorders announcing its arrival. Just as in the case of the Assures from the Puranas, Shiva can and will only destroy the societies that have gone astray from their purpose and broken the cosmic laws.

According to the theory of the cycles that regulate the evolution of the universe, (niyati), we are approaching the end of Kali Yuga, the age of conflicts, wars, genocides, dirty businesses, aberrant social and philosophical systems and malefic knowledge that found its way into irresponsible hands.

Everything tends to become equal, and this equanimity in all the fields and areas is actually the prelude of death. At the end of Kali Yuga, this process is accelerated, and this very acceleration is one of the signs indicating the approaching catastrophe.

The ancient Shaivit writings (The Puranas) describe in detail the signs that characterize the last part of Kali Yuga.

Linga Purana says: “the people of Kali Yuga are stimulated by the lowest instincts. They chose false ideas and concepts over authentic ones, they have no hesitation in persecuting the wise, envy torments them and negligence, disease, hunger and fear will spread all over.

Pure drinking water will become very rare. Certain areas of some countries will oppose others. The sacred books will not be respected any longer. The people will have no morals, and they will have a tendency towards sectaries. In the Iron Age, the false and deceiving doctrines will spread more and more.

People will be scared because they no longer respect the rites and they no longer listen to the words of the sages.

Many will perish. The number of farmers and agriculture will gradually decrease. The working classes will want to accede to royal power and knowledge, to rest in the beds of their neighbors. The great majority of the new leaders will be of working class origin and they will relentlessly pursue the priests and those who gained spiritual knowledge.

They will kill unborn children and they will murder their heroes. The low class (sudra) will pretend they were Brahmins , and the priests will become like workers.

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Thieves will become kings, and kings will become like thieves. The number of prostitute women will increase.

The stability and balance of the four classes of society and of the four ages of life will disappear. The land will be very fertile in some places, but bare and unproductive in others.

The ruling classes will confiscate all proprieties and will use them unwisely. They will cease to protect the people. Worthless people, who have obtained unrightfully obtained a certain degree of knowledge without the power to use it, will be called wise men.

People who are not born to be fighters will become kings. Scientists will serve mediocre people, full of vanity and hatred.

The priests will lower themselves and sell sacraments. There will be a lot of people moving around from country to country, and the number of men will decrease, while the number of women will increase.

Predators will become more and more violent. The number of cows will decrease. People with good intentions will quit playing an active role in society.

Already prepared food will be sold. The sacred books will be sold on street corners. Young girls will sell their virginity. The god of clouds will barely give any rain. Salesmen will engage in dirty business and they will be surrounded by pretentious philosophers.

There will be plenty of beggars and people without work. Everybody will use low and harsh words. Nobody can be trusted during this time. People will be jealous of each other and they will not be able to do any free, disinterested service for anyone.

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The degradation of virtues and the censorship of hypocrite puritans will mark the end of Kali Yuga. There will be no more kings. Wealth and crops will diminish. Cities and villages will be filled with groups of bandits. Water and fruits will be wanted. The people supposed to ensure the protection of the people will not protect them.

Rapes will become frequent. Many children will be born when the hope for life will not be over 16 years. Opportunists will appear as monks with their heads shaved wearing orange garments, and beads around their necks.

Wheat will be stolen. Thieves will rob other thieves. People will become inactive, lethargic, without purpose or motivation. Diseases and poisonous substances will torment people. Consumed by fear, people will find refuge in subterranean places, named (kausika).

Cases of people living for 100 years will be rare. Sacred writings will be altered and rites will be neglected. Vagabonds will be great in number. Unqualified individuals will pass for experts in morals and religion. Many will massacre women, children, and cows and then they will start killing among themselves.” (Linga Purana, cap. 40)

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