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Despite of my living or dying, despite any other state that I might live, it is only You, O, God, whom I want to worship as Your body comprises the entire Universe, overfilled with the nectar of the immortal Heart (Utpaladeva)

O, God, reveal yourself to me completely!
I dont ask for anything else
Overwhelmed by the euphoria of my longing for You,
It is only to You that I aspire with all my strength

No matter where I travel with my body,
with my soul or with my mind,
and in all that exists,
it is only You, the One that
forever, O, God, exists.
Let it be so that this holy truth
Completely blossoms within me,
A perfect worship of You

Now, a new evolutionary stage begins, one that is very elevated, that makes us be conscious of the fact that the Heart, the fundamental center of the human being is, in fact, a reflection of Gods Supreme Heart.
Tantra Magazine

Thus, on the Shaivit spiritual path, these are three fundamental stages, representing one of the most direct and fast spiritual paths.
For those able to completely open their heart, the Shaivism path is extremely short; it usually is only recognition, only remembrance of our true nature.
Shaivism asserts that Manifestation and Creation would not be possible without a close, implicit but direct connection between God and Creation.

This connection is Shakti, which, at a human level, is concealed under the form of the fundamental energy Kundalini. All human beings, manifestation and energy originate from the energy known as Kundalini, which in the case of the limited human being is only potential and resides on the lowest level, the subtle energy center Muladhara chakra .
Shakti generates three universes for the human being, according to the spiritual Heart’s consciousness.

1. As individual beings, we live in a limited universe of sensitive perceptions, of thoughts and emotions, of mental, emotional and physical states.
2. When we reveal our true Self, we live in a much wider universe, of ineffable beauty and extraordinary richness. It is a generated universe, created by the energy of the Self, in which the presence of God is more clearly perceived, and the limits of space, time and attachment do not affect our expanded consciousness.
3. Finally, when we are one with God, we live in the supreme reality, right within His Heart.

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The three stages that the aspirant must follow to supreme freedom are the awakening of the soul, the revealing of the true Self and identifying with the Heart of God; they form the real essence of Shaivism.

What is most important on these stages is Divine Grace. The Kashmir Shaivism is the path of Divine Grace. A wider and wider opening of the Heart generates a bigger and bigger Grace, until the yogi becomes perfect and reaches total deification.
The idea of Heart as a spiritual reality appears only when the soul is awakened, when we are fully conscious of the center of our being, when we live on the level of the soul and not of the ego.
The Shaivit masters say that this path is inaccessible for those not having their soul awakened, lacking spiritual aspiration and for those unable to open their heart.

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