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As the color blue symbolizes the infinite, Vishnu‘s blue body is a sign of infinite force. He has no name, no form and is incommensurable.

The color yellow is associated with terrestrial life, and therefore Vishnu’s yellow clothing symbolizes his incarnations as a man, fighting for justice and destruction of evil.

The garland of flowers around his neck is a symbol of God’s worship. The precious stone decorating his neck indicates that Vishnu fulfils his worshiper’s desires and the crown is a symbol of the Divine’s power and supreme authority. His two earrings stand for the dual nature of creation.

His vehicle is a hawk, Garuda, endowed with highly unusual powers, which spreads courage and Vedic knowledge. His sky or subtle sphere of force is the celestial realm Vaikunta, built entirely from gold.

All buildings are jewels, and in the centre of the town there are five pools filled with blue, red, and white lotuses. Vishnu is sitting on a giant lotus leaf, and beside him we find Lakshmi, his other half.

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“Lakshmi is Vishnu’s beloved; she is as beautiful as ten billion sunrises, and many think of her as the embodiment of sensuality.

Her charming eyes are as a lotus, and adorned with garlands of lotuses, she is the mistress/ruler of all beings. Vishnu supports Lakshmi on his thighs, and she is the one who grants people prosperity throughout their lives.” (Lakshmi Tantra)

For the Hindu, the goddess Lakshmi represents success and prosperity. The term “Lakshmi” is derived from the Sanskrit “Laksya”, meaning purpose or goal. She is the goddess of wealth, both material and spiritual.

The description of Lakshmi presents her as a beautiful woman, sitting on a lotus flower. She holds a lotus bud in her hand, a symbol of beauty, purity and fertility.

Her four arms represent the four tendencies of human nature: dharma, or correctitude, kama or desire, artha or wealth, and moksha or spiritual freedom.

Golden pieces flow from her hands, and she always wears red clothes, embroidered with gold, red representing activity and gold wealth. She also embodies beauty, grace and feminine charm.

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She accompanies her divine lover in each of his earthly incarnations, adopting various hypostasis, so that she becomes numerous wives for him.

The mysterious capacity of a beautiful, refined and vital woman of becoming simultaneously “every woman” (i.e. manifesting the qualities of daughter, mother, lover, virgin, sister, etc.) for her lover is in fact a huge source of energy and at the same time an invigorating contribution for a couple practicing sexual continence.

We have to try and introduce the archetypes of Vishnu and Lakshmi in our lives, projecting their images upon ourselves.

We also have to approach different roles in our lovemaking, visualizing through our creative imagination the richness of forms in order to explore and develop as much as we can our inner erotic potential, due to the processes of resonance that we establish with the correspondent energies from the universe.

The secret Tantric teachings underline the fact that the woman has a very important role in revealing the mysteries of the transfiguring sexuality, as she is an embodiment of beauty, sensuality and erotic vitality.

Her immense power to teach the erotic secrets depends in the first place on her mental attitude towards spirituality, which is now approached only in a spiritual sense.

Assuming an active role and exploring courageously the whole range of erotic secrets during lovemaking, the beautiful, sensual and intelligent woman may grant great power to her lover.

Tantra Magazine

This enigmatic power, the highest form of the supreme Feminine energy, is a direct expression of open intuition as well as an energy of wisdom. It is spontaneous, merry and can surpass all obstacles on both her lover’s and her path.

Such a woman has to boldly teach her lover all her spiritual experiences. The success resides then in the sheer spontaneity, in her self-confidence and her focus on high ideals, in her sincere aspiration of offering something unforgettable and unique to her lover.

Her huge self-confidence is an essential condition in all rites of initiation and the goddess herself residing in every woman is awakened due to the processes of resonance.

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