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The word Ganesha is made up of the words ” gana ” and ” isha “, “gana” referring to all beings that have a name and a form, and “isha” means Lord, master.

Ganesha is the name given to Shiva ‘s second son, for becoming Lord of the entire creation.

Ganesha or Ganapati is a highly popular god in India. Ganesha is invoked for the removal of obstacles, as well as in the beginning of all important actions: trips, building houses, writing books, getting paranormal powers and spiritual discrimination.

He is the god of education, knowledge, literature and arts. All spiritual rituals in the Hindu tradition begin with an invocation to Ganesha.

The tantric tradition considers that Ganesha protects and guides sexual relationships, giving them a spiritual orientation. He is considered the embodiment of tantric mysteries.

Ganesha is god of small stature, with a large, round abdomen, four arms and an elephant head that only has one fang. In three of his hands he holds an axe, an ankush (a small axe), a noose, a sash and sometimes a shell.

In some representations, he makes a gesture of bestowing his divine favors with the fourth hand, but most often he holds a cake known as ladhu. His eyes always shine like two diamonds. He rides a rat or is accompanied by one, which is an ex-demon whom he defeated and then accepted as a vehicle.

This representation may not be so attractive for a rational mind. The animal head and the fat body usually attract children, but for adults he can seem somewhat ridiculous.

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Nonetheless, it is a mistake to be fooled by his appearance, because Ganesha is the protector of refined people, who are not fooled by exterior appearances.

People who cannot see the divine in him and are distracted by his representation become prey of their discursive mind, the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path.

Ganesha’s acceptance as a spiritual force has calms and grants control over the mind. It also dismisses all doubt from one’s mind as well.

Therefore, Ganesha is considered as the most appropriate deity for the removal of obstacles.

Faith in him generates great spiritual force, reversing the natural downward flow of energy and orienting it upwards, thus allowing the activation of our superior centers of energy.

The divine Ganesha is pretty much unstoppable. Therefore, he brings courage and firmness to people who meditate on him, and invoke him in the beginning of all their actions.

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