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According to the “Shatapatha Brahman” the creator Brahman was born from God. Wishing to create the universe Brahman first created the water, in which he placed his seed.

This seed transformed into a golden egg, from which Brahma appeared. According to Purana, Brahma is the Son of God and the feminine energy Maya. Nonetheless, there are other sources sustaining that Maya is Brahma’s daughter or wife.

Maya is the symbol of the cosmic illusion, whose veil does not allow mortals to perceive God. Maya has two aspects: Avidya Maya, the ignorance that estranges mortals from God, and enslaves them more and more into the universe of the senses, and Vidya Maya, the liberating knowledge that gradually leads mortals to the ineffable and intoxicating communion with God.

Tantra promotes the idea that as the Supreme God governs all the destinies and all the things in the universe, it is highly important that He is auspicious to us.

In order to accomplish this, the yogis have developed a technique of identification with Brahma, which will help us gain the inner attitude that accelerates our spiritual progress.

This technique implies that we envisage ourselves wrapped in an aura shaped as an egg, bright yellow in color, emanating positive energy.

Tantra Magazine
We have to visualize as clearly as possible the warm rays of bright light and force emanating from our aura, nurturing and sustaining our life and our relationships with other people.

It is advisable that we assign this exercise 10-15 minutes daily. We will note the gradual improvement in various domains of our lives.

“Saraswati, Brahma’s feminine counterpart radiates more than the light of ten billion moons. Her ornaments are purified in the heavenly fire.

She is the mother of the Vedas, the embodiment of nature, the patron of the arts and sciences. Saraswati is always smiling and her beauty surpasses all imagination.

Her body is covered in jewels and pearls. When the identification with Saraswati is perfect, all the 64 arts become known.” (Saraswati Stotra)

Brahma’s feminine counterpart, Saraswati is the goddess governing wisdom and science. The Sanskrit term sara means “essence” and “swa” means “self”, consequently the translation for Saraswati is the essence of the self.

Saraswati symbolizes Brahma’s creative force. All those seeking knowledge, mainly teachers, professors, scientists, students, worship the goddess Saraswati.

She is very beautiful, gracious and young. Saraswati is also the master of the 64 arts, of which the art of love is the first and most important.

Her representation is that of a woman with four arms, dressed in a white sari, sitting on a white lotus flower. The swan that accompanies her is also white, the color of peace.

Tantra Magazine

As the patron of the arts, she sings at the instrument called vina. In her right hand she holds a book made of palm leaves, and a lotus, which is a symbol of using knowledge with love and kindness in order to ensure the prosperity of mankind.

In her left hands she wears a necklace of pearls, symbolizing meditation and contemplation, as well as the path leading to samadhi, the total experience of God.

Her four arms stand for her omnipresence and omnipotence. The front arms reflect her presence and action in the physical world and her back arms her active presence in the spiritual world.

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