This angel represents the blessing of peace and of divine harmony. The doves that are always flying around him symbolize both fear moving away and an inner state of calm, reconciliation and fulfilment.

HIS HEAVENLY MISSION: He guides our souls towards divine peace and harmony.

HIS EARTHLY MISSION: He helps us to find the most suitable solutions to conflicts and tensions we face and help us live in reconciliation with ourselves.

The angel of peace offers us the chance to manifest ourselves freely, so that we make our wishes come true; he helps us manifest our most elevated talents and aptitudes.

He also helps us live in harmony with the life cycles and with the laws of the Universe.

He supports us to overcome our fears and inspires us to believe in the Force of the Good, that dwells in everything around us.

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Our inner conflicts are the source of countless sufferings, failures and losses that make us miserable.

The angel of peace bestows on us the maturity we need in order to overcome all these conflicts successfully and to obtain a state of inner serenity and balance.

Thus, the events in our life will acquire a new and profound significance, we shall then be integrated in the divine harmony and will be able to manifest our creativity and inner beauty.

We pray to the angel of peace to bring peace onto our planet, in our families and, above all, in our hearts.

Thus, we shall be certain that we are a small but significant part of Creation and that the role we have to play on earth is a spiritual mission that will accelerate our evolution.

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We pray to the angel of peace to bring peace into our soul, our heart and spirit. When we acquire the state of inner serenity and calm, exterior conflicts can no longer have any influence over us.

The angel of peace guides us to the most favourable situations and to the most harmonious and balanced beings. He offers us gifts and embrace us with love permanently.