by Dinu Roman

Tantra Magazine


Tantra  relies
upon the practical realization of its teachings.
Here, we are not dealing with endless talking and
argumentation but instead with engaging ourselves fully
and thoroughly in an exceptional practice which can lead
the practitioner to Freedom, Pure Existence,
Super-Consciousness, Beatitude and super-normal powers ( Siddhi -s).

The Sahitya Tantra

“Start the
practice under the surveillance of a Tantric
initiate. If, after a certain time, you do not
obtain any positive results, then you are free to


In the same way that benefits can be
obtained only by using a remedy, the truth of the Tantric
Science can only be proved through successful
practice. However, it is necessary to stress here, that
the Tantric practitioner
must develop and perfect his Siddhis only for the purpose of
raising himself to the level of the Supreme Being and
from there for fusing with the Absolute. The Siddhis
have no value per se; they
are only a means to an end. But all these powers cannot be
obtained by only talking about Tantra,
only tireless practice and direct experimentation can
lead to such unusual achievements. About this, there is
no doubt.




Another important aspect in Tantra
is that the libido, when manifested as sexual
drive, is not at all considered to be only sensuality
but, at the innermost levels, as the soul’s ardent
yearning for spiritual perfection. Here the erotic
impulse appears as the psyche’s abyssal thirst to reach
perfection through unity of complementary polar
opposites.  In this way, re-born as a genuine Androgyne
of the Secret Tradition — magical child of Shiva
and Shakti — the Individual Spirit will have access to the highest levels
of Consciousness.



Tantra teaches
that, energetically speaking, woman is magnetic, passive,
lunar, receptive and charged with power of negative
polarity (Yin). In multiple
ways, she attracts, absorbs and stores subtle energy
which remains latent.  When connected in a proper
way with the male electric, dynamic and positively
charged subtle energy (Yang), the
female energy undertakes a complex alchemical reaction
and thus the couple generates an energetic power
station. This is very easy to verify. Certain Tantric
techniques enable the practitioner to verify that the
bioenergetic differences of polarity between man and
woman are energized to the highest extent through the
love play and that a mutual exchange between these two
forms of energy (Yin/female, Yang/male)
takes place during sexual intercourse in which the two
partners harmonize themselves on multiple
levels. Performed in the Tantric
way (successive orgasms without ejaculation) these unions
can intensify and develop the latent extra-sensorial
capacities and the mental power of both partners beyond
any expectations. The couple who practice Tantric
sexual union use the subtle energies of the man’s
body and the complementary energies of the woman’s body
for attaining the state of harmony with the Absolute.

Tantra Magazine


It is important to emphasize that Tantra
substantiates its techniques of spiritual development on
the perfect yet effortless control of the sexual
energy. Here the point is to return to the
practitioner the enormous amount of raw sexual energy
contained in semen and in the correspondent female
orgasmic emanations in such a way that this subtle energy
may be sublimated and its efficiency used for higher
purposes, i.e. psycho-mental and spiritual ones.


Being in perfect physical, emotional
and mental health is a must for approaching any of the
sexual practices of Tantra taught
in this School. Modern civilization leaves its mark
upon our integrity, so we need to open up and
re-learn to experience everything as intensely as possible through
senses. While it is true that cultivating
sensory awareness, where different
techniques of amplifying the sexual pleasure and
experiencing deep sexual orgasm are, can be a
useful preparation for Tantra, these incipient techniques
are not yet considered Tantra if they
are not accompanied by a total, yet effortless, control.

Tantra, in
accord with the Science of the ancient Sages (Siddhas)
teaches that the sexual reproductive power (the Life
Force) can be transmuted into superior forms of energy
called Ojas and Tejas.
The practitioner causes his seed to rise up to his crown
center of force( Sahasrara), where it
becomes transformed into Soma,
the Nectar of Immortality. Through the Tantric
procedures, the semen is taken over by the lymphatic
system. The lymphatic system consists of the fluid
(lymph) that bathes the tissues, being similar in
composition with plasma. The lymph contains white
cells involved in the immunity system of the
body. These white cells produce antibodies, special
substances which attack the foreign organisms (microbes,
etc.) and render them harmless. Through the
lymphatic system, the semen reaches the brain (Corpus
Callosum) where it is
processed into extremely subtle energies (Ojas
and Tejas) used by the higher
mind.  As the physical brain needs oxygen and
proteins to function properly, the higher mind
( superconsciousness ) needs big quantities of Ojas
and Tejas energy. The
Tejas energy is that
energy which produces the halo around the saints’
head. The Ojas energy
is that energy which confers an extraordinary vigor,
power and virility.


The transmuting of the semen’s energy
into Ojas and Tejas
does not take place only in men. Women who
practice Tantra Yoga realize
the transmutation of that energy which produces the ova
and the menstrual cycle. These energies are transformed
into Ojas and Tejas
exactly as in the men’s case. As a result, the
menstrual cycle becomes scarce or even disappears
completely, and the ovulation process slows down or even
stops. Nevertheless, when the conception of a baby is
desired, the energies are permitted to accumulate at the
pelvic area, the ovulation returns to normal and the
menstrual cycle appears again.