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One of the most important universal principles, which is clear and manifest in all spiritual traditions under different forms, is resonance, an actual ideological and practical extension of a well-known phenomenon in Physics.

It is a fact of common knowledge that the term “resonance” comes from the Latin “resonare”, which means to resound, to vibrate.

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Consequently, resonance is a process of initiation or an increase of vibratory phenomena, produced under the action of energies-vibrations coming from certain specific levels of manifestation in the universe.

The process of resonance actually takes place only when the frequency of vibrations is close or coincides with one of the frequencies present inside the inner universe of a human being.

The relationships that unite and determine all the constitutive elements of the universe (things, beings, processes, and phenomena) are based on this universal law of resonance. Because of the similarity of phenomena, objects or energies vibrate on the same level, from a distance, which means they interact selectively, just like in the case of two posts of emission-reception which are on the same frequency.

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A profound, intimate understanding of any object or process may also be described as a phenomenon of resonance. In other words, if a man is thinking constantly about the object he/she intends to know, the object is practically traversed by the thoughts of that person. Finally, these mental energies “return” to their sender charged with energies and information about that particular object.

It has been also observed that the thoughts emitted by a person towards a phenomenon or object are able to transform it; also that a thing or phenomenon is subject to changes owing to the influence exercised by human thoughts.

Thus, the development of a process or the nature of an object may be changed one way or the other according to the nature or character of the thoughts emitted upon it by a person.

This happens because we all have the possibility to actively change or rearrange, through our thoughts, any being, thing or energy within the universe.

If this process of resonance is maintained for a sufficient length of time, then a state of fusion appears between the two – the knower and the object to be known, this will lead to an almost perfect subtle identification between them.

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Through the use of resonance alone in the process of knowing an object or a person, it results that by exploring and mastering all frequencies of vibration (that is all frames, or states of mind) it is possible for man to get to know the whole universe this way, through the process of resonance.

From this perspective, the ancient Tantric and yogic aphorism: “that which is here (in the micro cosmos of one’s being) is everywhere (in the macro cosmos, or Universe), that which is not here, is nowhere” may be understood in a different light, more appropriate to the level of understanding and thinking of contemporary man.

By knowing, as profoundly as possible, the active actual aspects of one’s own being, as well as his latent potential, the human being may get to know, through resonance, the Universe around him. This knowledge will allow the human being to understand and interact with the Universe itself in the micro cosmos of one’s own being.

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