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In the following article we will briefly present some characteristics of the process of resonance.

Resonance is a complex phenomenon, based on the similarity between two elements that resonate, on selection, and/or through a harmonized movement (same vibration).

Resonance knows different degrees: it may be strong (even to the point where the two elements identify with each other) or on the contrary, weak (simple analogy).

The spatial perception of a phenomenon of resonance is usually symmetry and the temporal perception – simultaneity and synchronicity.

The process of resonance may be homogeneous (resonating elements belong to the same category: sounds, images, etc) or heterogeneous (complex interaction of the senses, for instance the perception of sounds as colors – colorful audition, or the perception of images as music – sound visualization).

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The process of resonance may occur naturally, spontaneously, unconsciously or, on the contrary provoked, searched for and maintained through conscious attention.

Tantra says that because all beings and all things originate from the same source (The Absolute, God) they all have an essential common trait, that is the Individual Self ( ATMAN ), which is identical with The Source of all existence (PARAMATMAN).

It is thus obvious that, as all things and beings are part of creation, nothing can exist and not have this spark of Divine Consciousness.

In the case of the human being, the main “channels” of resonance are the chakras, the seven centers of force. These centers of force allow the human being to experience different kinds of energies, as well as various levels of vibration and consciousness.
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A resonating system or element (the seven chakras, in the case of the human being) resembles an oscillatory circuit.

Such an oscillatory circuit is made to vibrate if we act upon it with another oscillatory circuit, whose energy may be either equal to the previous (in this case its vibrations will reach the highest intensity), or smaller (its vibrations will not be so strong).
Various yogic techniques represent precise ways of establishing a process of resonance with different types of universal energies.

The process of resonance eases the way into understanding the reasons why some people always succeed in what they have to do, while others just obtain insignificant results.

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