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The essence of the Tantric path begins with transfiguration. In other words, you are truly on this path only when your perception of someone else is changed for the better through transfiguration.

For instance, if a so-called yogi makes love to a woman, he respects Brahmacharya, he transmutes the sexual energy and sublimates it, but he is not capable of seeing his lover as more than a regular woman, then he does not really practice Tantra in the truest sense of the word.

It is whatever else you can think about: Yama and Niyama, Brahmacharya, sexual yoga, but it is not really Tantra.

Only when he is capable of seeing in the woman he makes love to, the cosmic ocean of primordial energy, when this is not just his imagination, but a reality he is experiencing, only when he feels all the powers of the universe manifested through her, can he truly say he is on the Tantric path.

However, this does not mean that this is where it ends. This beginning has also a sequel, and on the peaks of this Tantric system there are very high level meditations on the essential aspects of the Divine.

Consequently, transfiguration is a very important aspect, and its absence leads to a very strange thing, which some people may have noticed.

Although they sincerely follow a yogic path, although they honestly try to practice Tantra, they have various obstacles that hinder them from reaching the truly divine states they should experience if their practice was correct.

For instance, they have to deal with stupid, limiting states brought on by possessiveness.

Tantra Magazine
And this occurs because they forget the goal of the Tantric path, this is a path that is supposed to set one free, not bind them with more chains.

Of course, being free in a relationship does not mean being indifferent to the other persons actions, or feelings, it simply means not becoming dependent on the other.

You can have a very fine and fulfilling relationship with someone, you can offer them all your love and devotion, without adding the chains of indifference or dependence.

This may seem like a paradox to some people, but this path of freedom has the effect of binding some people, only because they are not aware of the fact that their practice is incorrect.

Also, after you consecrate, you need to try and identify yourselves with the divine and eternal aspect within. If you have the initiation in Nyasa, the consecration of the centers of force, you should perform it as the first phase.

The man touches the woman’s chakras with his right index, thumb and middle finger, united together, using a certain ritual formula, or mantras, characteristic to each center of force.

Knowing that foods are charged with subtle elements and energies, you can taste some foods in order to awaken a certain type of energy inside yourselves, a certain type of resonance.

Regardless of the method used, Nyasa implies that the man touches the womans chakras and identifies them with the corresponding macro cosmic centers.
Tantra Magazine
Thus, touching Anahata chakra, and saying the mantra for Anahata chakra, or taking a bite from an aliment that activates this chakra, the man must think intensely: “this is no longer the body of a woman, this is a spark of cosmic manifestation. In this very room, I shall partake of a cosmic mystery, a part of the eternal feminine force is now revealed to me.”

The woman should also preserve this state of transfiguration all through lovemaking.

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