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Consciously used, tantric rituals amplify the resonance with beneficialial energies from the Macro cosmos; then, the tantric couple may simultaneously live extraordinary states whose ultimate goal is the revelation of the Supreme Divine Self.

The two lovers can practice traditional tantric rituals in order to transform their intercourse into a spiritual path that leads them towards Unity.

However, they have to strictly follow some steps, the use of some specific substances (volatile oils, fruits, different food, etc) certain gestures and some specific invocations and meditations.

The tantric methods awaken all the subtle force centers ( chakra -s) of the two lovers and purify and open the nadi -s (subtle energy channels), thus allowing a free and continuous flow of some unsuspected energies from the highest levels.

Consequently, there is a double meaning to these tantric methods: they quickly awaken and activate the mysterious potential forces and they guide the lovers towards discovering the primordial Love.

The epiphany is here expressed as sound, color, perfume and shape, together with their interaction. Tantrics consider that birth and death are not separate and distant in time but a continuous and eternal process. In the process of our realization we encounter a permanent change, by dying and being reborn at every moment.

A tantric master from Kalimpong, India, describes a meditation for couples, specific to the Vajra ritual (Vajra means light, diamond and is also a symbol for the masculine sexual organ).

It is a ritual known in eastern India from as far back as the 8th century and its aim is to make the couples states cosmic, through reference to the beloveds divine essence.

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We stay one in front of the other and look into each others eyes. We try to perceive the divine essence within both of us. Overwhelmed by love, we feel how our individual limits disappear.

Who I am and where I am no longer matter at this point. Our love grows bigger and bigger and our hearts are filled with an intense and sacred feeling. A flow of energy is generated between our eyes and it gradually includes the entire universe.

The exterior world disappears, there arent any thoughts, everything focuses on the overwhelming love that unveils the divine essence. Following the stages of the ritual, we feel the others divine essence.

We close our eyes and dissolve into an all embracing silence that marks the universality of our experience. The state we are in brings us to a new dimension, to a very profound and elevating dimension.

Our own person becomes by the means of love, the object of cosmic worship through which we can reach the ecstatic peaks of divine love.

We realize that our own body is the temple of GOD and this generates strong vibrations within us, awakening the fundamental energy known as Kundalini. Focus on this total state.

We identify with each other, exclusively concentrating on the others state. This will steady our thoughts and increase our intimacy.

The feelings and the states of our beloved one become a sacred subject of meditation, a means of elevation through the direct and deep perception within ourselves of our beloved and then of the entire Universe.

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Then, we naturally and simultaneously focus on ourselves and on our beloved, feeling that we are one, an androgynous being. Thus, the two become one. This perception of unity includes the physical level, too.

We are one soul, a natural continuation of the same universal Divine Self. Therefore, we become fully aware of the simultaneous effect that we generate in one another right in this moment, of the effect of our actions and reactions on each of us.

We are conscious that we were born for each other, now being a big part of what the other one is, perceiving and receiving sublime, elevating and transfiguration states.

We realize the influence we have on the other and the ineffable state that grows within both of us, more than one could ever offer.

We are embraced by a divine mystery, the miracle of Gods grace.