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Intercourse without ejaculation represents the euphoric disappearance of all tensions. It is capable of repeating itself and it’s not explosive like ejaculation. This is a pleasure that fulfills you through a state of profound silence, an amazing and voluptuous, sensual and infinitely prolonged fusion, along side a euphoric feeling that extends beyond bodies and feelings.

There is a feeling of telepathic union with a gigantic Whole and not a sensation of waste, exhaustion and separation, like in the case of ejaculation. It is a sentiment of strong relation to the Universe. You can feel the other on a lot of levels, not in a selfish, individual spasm that often excludes the other one.

Once ejaculation is under control, the man can benefit from a lot of other advantages besides maintaining his vitality. First of all he will never leave his woman unsatisfied because he can make love as often as he needs and he is also able to prolong the erotic act as long as he wants.

Second of all, each of the two will be able to enjoy the other’s essence (the man – the woman’s Yin essence (-) and the woman – the man’s Yang essence (+)). Thus, both of them will be able to experience an unbelievably spiritualizing inner peace that could never be equalized by other couples, which make love in a common and inferior way, discharging their potential through ejaculation.

Once freed from sexual and emotional tensions and inhibitions, you will find yourself completely changed in a relationship, because of your perfect control over your sexual energies.

Tantra Magazine
For many men sexuality has remained at the lowest level where it is nothing more than food. It is an attempt to take love from the outside and a childish desire to be permanently satisfied. That is where jealousy and envy come from. These two break up a lot of couples. Many of them waste years looking for love and they lose every chance to get what they are looking for.

Sexuality that is not spiritually integrated is a permanent rush for something outside the self, a fruitless search for self-security. Uncertainty can create negative feelings like jealousy or guilt and most of us don’t even realize it.

It is easy to notice that the life of a lot of couples becomes boring, monotonous and unhappy after a number of years spent together. One of the reasons is that men lose their vitality through ejaculation when they make love.

Thus, they lose their special Yang energy. Nature is generous and giving but after years of repeated discharge there will be an unavoidable loss of their sexual appetite. If the couple does not discover the way to turn sexual energy into affective, pure and refined energy, their relationship is in danger of becoming a shadow of its former self.

This energy that can turn into true love is repeatedly lost through ejaculation. At a certain moment a man can be indifferent or even turn against his lover when he subconsciously realizes that he lost his powerful energies that could have really made him happy, through ejaculation.

Often some sort of crisis can occur because of the very strong emotional connection between lovers that has been created during years of sexual intercourse’s and vital discharges. Part of the sexual energy that hasn’t disappeared has sustained this emotional connection and they can’t understand how their relation still exists and they are bored and tired.

The loss of erotic appetite between regular lovers is often due to the loss of their sexual energy.
The man has to amplify his Yang energy and the woman has to amplify her Yin energy in order to increase the attraction between them. Certain couples obtain this temporarily by spending separate holidays, or by sleeping in separate beds.

Sexual continence in a couple helps the two lovers get to know happiness and discover an unlimited source of erotic happiness. Practicing transmutation and sublimating the sexual energy will lead to the elimination of a major brake-up cause.

It can also solve a problem that is seldom met in marriage: the lack of energy to solve certain things. The stress for both parents who want to participate in their children’s education can destroy a lot of couples. They have never enough time for making love, if one of them is asleep or exhausted.

By using techniques for waking up, amplifying and controlling sexual energy, both the husband and the wife can go back to their daily life with plenty of vigor and be able to see all the beauty that surrounds them.

When energy is free to circulate through the whole body, even the most boring thing becomes interesting and alive again. Sexual energy is the thing that keeps the body, the mind and the spirit together. As long as it is not integrated harmoniously into your lives you will feel unfulfilled.

Tao teaches us that every human being has a gigantic energetic potential and that each of us can experience unimaginable states of pleasure. The vicious dependency upon sex, as emotional food, can be easily overcome. We can get to this by keeping our seminal fluids inside and by transmuting it into subtle energy. Thus, you can experience a state of extraordinary happiness even after sexual intercourse.

The intelligent man can understand that the source of happiness is inside him. When sexual energy is completely controlled and sublimated he can even reach the state of cosmic ecstasy, of cosmic bliss.

Tantra Magazine

There are three essential principles that can be found in the Taoist art of love. They are the fruits of an experiences that have been accumulated over thousands of years:

1. The man must totally suppress his tendency or desire to ejaculate, by experiencing passion and erotic pleasure but not letting himself be controlled by it.

2. Ejaculation is exhausting and it is not the peak of erotic ecstasy, being associated with an enormous loss of sexual potential, subtle energy and vital fluids that will lead to exhaustion and sadness sooner or later.

3. There is a special emphasis on the feminine orgasm, multiple, ample and controlled.

These three principles are the basis of the secret art of loving that belonged to the ancient Chinese. The Taoists consider that sexual harmony automatically leads to a subtle union of the couple, in harmony with the infinite beneficial energies found in the universe.

Thus, it opens unbelievable possibilities to access the superior but invisible dimensions. The union between a man and a woman creates a blissful miniature Whole that corresponds to the Macro cosmic Whole and to the Supreme Divine Spirit.