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The sublimation of energy is the process of inner shifting and change of energies that result from transmutation, the energies change their vibration frequency while passing through the levels of the human being (chakra -s) and generate specific, obvious and lasting effects at each of those levels.

Sublimation is a process that follows transmutation. When compared to transmutation, sublimation redirects the pulsating sexual energies towards other levels, towards a non-sexual goal, which harmonizes the vital, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

We could compare a man-made dam to the alchemy produced by the sublimation of the transmuted energies. Thus, owing to mans intelligent action, the water from the artificial lake of a dam will set the turbines to work through a controlled fall of water, which becomes a permanent source of electricity.

This is the phase of transmutation that generates a huge unmodulated energy. But sublimation is the following process, when the resultant electricity is taken from its primary source through high tension wires according to necessity, generating a large series of phenomena and processes (caloric, acoustic, magnetic, luminous etc.), according to what we want to achieve.

In conclusion, we can say that alchemy symbolizes mans evolution itself from a state in which the descending tendency towards the material level is dominant to an ascending spiritual state.

To turn metal into gold means to turn man into pure spirit. To find the philosophers stone is to discover the Absolute, to master its perfect knowledge (gnosa).

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The alchemists apparatus (ATHANOR) is in fact the human body. Here transmutation and sublimation reactions take place and they lead to the foreshadowing of the new man.

According to the Vedic texts, gold means immortality and this is what transmutation and sublimation (that of the human individuality) finally arrives at.

It is applied to the evolution of both objective and subjective worlds. The Great Work means the union of the masculine element (sculpture) with the feminine (mercury) for a spiritual transformation that aims at the return to the primary condition (the androgynous state).

The main goal of tantra is the complete union of the two opposite principles within the disciples soul and body.

Revealed specifically for the Kali Yuga epoch (the present epoch), tantra aims at reaching the androgynous state (accessible to anyone), which can be accomplished by harmonizing within our being the two opposite and complementary principles, Shiva and Shakti , generating spiritual power or the knowledge of the ultimate Truth.

Therefore the possibility of a tantric couple to gradually achieve the primary glorious state is very real. The terrible and irresistible impulse that pushes a special man and a fascinating woman towards each other makes us nticipate a what Boris Maravieff, the author of Gnosis calls a polar couple.

In such a couple the two lovers feel that they are destined to be together for eternity. They are the pair souls destined to restlessly look for each other until their final union in an eternally united couple that has achieved the glorious androgynous state.

This is wonderful, but unfortunately, a very rare possibility since there are but a few able to unite themselves with their other half.

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This is easy to understand if we consider the illusions created by passion, false recognitions, indifference and suspicion that one or both of the lovers have to face.

But, we must remember that the liberating androgynous state can be achieved by anyone, man or woman, whether we meet our soul mate or not.

No matter what we have chosen to practice on our spiritual path abstinence or continence in a couple we can achieve the androgynous state through an inner completion, at all the levels of our being, of the other polarity we have within us.

Duality is transcended through the union of the two opposite aspects of our being (yin and yang) by means of spiritual practice; thus, the initiated can accomplish the perfect, ultimate state of conscience which yoga calls Samadhi.

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