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1. Stop and take a break. This pause should last a minimum of 2 minutes, while you relax the pelvic area and visualize the energy going up your spine as a luminous flux.

2. If you feel that stopping is not enough, pull out and practice one of the simple techniques for transmuting the energy and then sublimating it:
– alternately contract and relax the anal sphincters;
– contract and relax the pelvic floor;

3. Relax the pelvic area and visualize the ascension of the energy as a bright flux through your spine. After several minutes, you are back in control and you may continue making love.

It is not necessary to adopt a special attitude while performing these techniques. If you think your lover might feel neglected or frustrated, you may perform these techniques without her noticing it.

Tantra Magazine
Furthermore, you may include these simple methods of control over ejaculation in your daily program of self-control techniques.

You may also use the “dead times” and practice these techniques while waiting for the bus, while driving, or even during a boring meeting. They will improve your mood and make your day brighter.

For men who are at the beginning of their sexual practice or who are highly excitable, for different reasons, we recommend longer breaks, in which they may take cold showers, place their penis under cold running water for a few minutes (maximum 3-5), and perform the abdominal retraction UDDIYANA BANDHA.

These longer breaks are simply a stage in obtaining control over their sexual energy. Your lover should have a loving, caring and understanding attitude regarding these aspects, and she should do her best to help you. The more understanding and loving she is, the faster you will be able to get over this stage.

Tantra Magazine

In conclusion, we will simply point out that when you learned to trace the symptoms announcing the point of no-return, and you practiced the techniques recommended for this, sexual continence becomes simple, natural and at hand, allowing you to attain higher and higher levels of consciousness.