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“Help us to spread your Light
when our bodies meet,
and LOVE feeds us
with unexpected flavors.”

Two people like two gods. This is their prayer. Two of them? Two of you. Melt in the infinite bliss of eternal love because only thus, the impossible changes into a miracle, and all that you are easily becomes happiness.
With sparkling souls you easily elevate each other until you reach God. Now it is possible for you to melt within His heart.


Usually, a man needs to ejaculate unless he has adequate training, esoteric knowledge about sexual intercourse, and specific initiations.

In fact, this is due to the impulse of some inferior instincts within us. A tantric sublimates these carnal instincts and consequently he removes his wish to ejaculate by means of a spiritual action, consciously led to sublimation.
This spiritual action means to use certain methods (yoga techniques, meditation, rituals, etc) that help man resonate with the sublime energies of the Universe.
Tantra Magazine

Through sexual continence, which is an alchemic process that includes holding your semen, consciously done by the initiated, the primary wish to ejaculate disappears and it is replaced by the aspiration to continue the union generated by a trasnfiguring sexual intercourse.
In this case the substance is transformed in energy, the raw into subtle, the inferior wishes into sublime aspirations.
Ejaculation is directly related to procreation; thus, tantrics use it only when they want to have a baby. Through sexual continence an opposite, very subtle phenomenon takes place: energies are directed inside the body and not out like in the case of ejaculation.
This effervescent accumulation of energies during intercourse inside our own being generates the sublime ecstatic states mentioned by tantric treaties.
It is said that the perception of the present moment can set your wishes free. In a common state of consciousness we perceive the world in a certain way, sometimes without even realizing that we perceive it.

Thus, we could say that we do not “perceive” but dream of perceiving. This is similar to a unconscious state during our dreams.
But in the state of pure consciousness, perception becomes a way of living. Being aware of the outside world facilitates our access to pure existence and to its essence, pure bliss.
Tantra Magazine

In tantrism, sexual intercourse is approached with awareness, transfiguration and continence, direct perception is the source of pleasure and voluptuousness here.
To fully live your perceptions, to be aware of them and to perfectly control them is the fundamental tantric key that opens the gate to the alchemic art of the sensual and spiritual love.
We have to learn how to consciously and fully enjoy exotic pleasures and how to be aware of their divine nature.
To become one with ourselves throughout the merging with our beloved during intercourse, to consciously live the bliss of love, to reach and enjoy ecstasy, this is, in fact, what should be called trans personal sexology.

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