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The tantric tradition hides very precious secrets about the chemistry of human sexuality.

In order to understand the perspectives of trans personal sexology, we must first learn to perceive and to feel.

To learn to perceive and to feel “what is” is a complete means of living an intercourse (and our entire life), unbroken by passing and superficial pleasures.

Consequently, in order to discover within the profoundness of human nature the essence of the “vibrating energies” we must experiment the variety of the psychosomatic phenomena and find out their intimate transformation.

When desire is perceived in its subtle, energetic and primary manifestations, sexual attraction is turned into a voluptuousness of eternity.

Pleasure generates a complete erotic state that is born and manifests itself beyond the individualitys functions (feelings, states), sometimes even independently of them.

The rough forms of desire generate our tastes and sexual attractions while the profound aspiration of desire is to achieve unity. You are on your way to perfection.

Tantra Magazine
Only an authentic feeling of love can turn sexuality into an art or science. Two lovers can begin their physical relation, can deeply live pleasure and use it to reach higher states of consciousness only when they are able to live love, joy, and when they can recognize the sublime, within each other.

The sexual feeling precedes sexual intercourse. It can be lived again when passing from an rough organic level to a more subtle emotional level, but it cannot cause a veritable transformation only through itself.

Orgasm doesnt exclusively belong to pleasure; it is trans-substantial; essentially, it belongs to our immaterial and spiritual nature.

Consequently, from a superior point of view, erotic intercourse is not a simple consumption of a physical, animalistic desire. In fact, it is an inner aspiration to relive the universal, alchemical action in which the Supreme Masculine, Solar principle Unites with the Supreme Feminine, Lunar principle.

The tantric approach towards sexual intercourse requires a profound knowledge of your own sexuality, perfect control over the energy involved and pure unconditional love.

Conscious breathing during sexual intercourse favors a global and refined perception of the entire body and an increased control over the flow of energy. Such feelings, awaken lucidity and generate a new vision towards life and of course and erotic states.

Trough a controlled and regular breathing rhythm you intensify the “fire of passion” and you also keep it under control.

Tantra Magazine

At the peaks of pleasure, when the energy is hard to control, you can stop breathing; this will spontaneously generate a state of void in which you can experiment, if you are fully aware the deep communion with GOD.

A hiatus during a maximum orgasmic moment propels us in a dimension beyond time and space, in which through a direct perception of eternity we can reveal our divine nature, our divine Self.

Thus, starting with the initial heat and effervescence of the “sacred fire” from sexual intercourse performed with continence we can access a bright, innocent, pure and unique knowledge.

Here our perception is in fact, a non-perception, a direct experimentation, a union with all that is indescribable, unlimited, ineffable and Divine.

This new way of feeling is indescribable and appears through the means of awareness. We can only say that it exists or is born every moment in ourselves and through ourselves.

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