15 3
16-20 3.5
21-25 4
26-30 3.5
31-35 3
36-40 2.5
41-45 2
46-50 2
50-55 1.5
56-60 1

In order to find out the quantity of the seminal fluid that is normally lost we use KINSEY’S estimation.

5000 x 3 cc (fluid) = 15,000 cc

This means approximately 15 liters of seminal fluid. A man loses approximately 2-5 cc during a normal ejaculation. This quantity contains 200-500 million individual sperm cells.

Tantra Magazine

This is an amazing statement. In a common ejaculation 2-5 million spermatozoa are discharged/eliminated. Distributed to 250 million eggs, one single ejaculation might generate the actual population of USA. By multiplying it with 5000 ejaculations, we get the numeric indicator of the seminal power.

A man ejaculates a quantity large enough to create a trillion human lives. There is the capacity in a man of creating a quantity of energy 200 times bigger than the atomic bomb. If this huge reserve of psychic energy would be directed towards love and harmony, the inhabitants of our planet would have been eternally happy.

Scientists might find this idea amusing. In fact, anybody might find it amusing! To say that in the sperm of a single man exists a huge vital potential might appear to be bordering on insanity.

Nevertheless, despite the apparent utopia and lack of common sense this is the truth! By keeping this force within us, we will be able to assimilate huge quantities of energy and to focus them on our inner capacities.

Consequently, if this energy is assimilated inside, the effects of this assimilation can differ from one individual to another. There are not two people having the same reaction or the same type of energy.

Some people develop their physical force more than others; they are more resistant to certain diseases. Other people use this huge potential to evolve spiritually. Whatever direction you take, you have got the capacity of substantially enriching your active life by adapting creatively to the environment.

Tantra Magazine
The actions and reactions of many men are still confined to the influence of their biological instincts, but when they reach a higher level of understanding, the achievement of the ultimate freedom will prevail over the influence of instincts.

This is not against our nature. We are created with the power of cultivating our energy to a level where the control of the physical body is a very simple thing.

Men have conceived the nuclear weapon and have sent people to the Moon, why shouldn’t we use our mind in order to rule and control our body, which is closer than the Moon?

Scientific explanations are so unimportant compared to the capacity of creating 4 billion unique human beings, each of them with creative intelligence. Modern theoretical physicists admits that today it is impossible to analyze the ecstatic act of creation.

Quantum physics accepted the perspective that there is no physical particle on the basis of creation of the world. There are only multiple universes of space and time, brought together in the infinite formatting energetic fields.

Sexual energy is a field of force generated inside the body that interacts with great cosmic fields through complex processes and phenomena of resonance. The scientists of today cannot understand this connection.

But there is no reason that says we should wait 500 years for science to explain us sexuality, when each person is able to experience his own manifestation of the sexual energetic field.

Eastern masters were true scientists with a true power of introspection and self-analysis, who devoted their lives to human evolution through spirituality. Each generation has tested the practices that have been passed to them and tried to enrich them.

The methods have changed in time, but the principle remained the same: the seminal power is a gigantic force and men can use it any time they want to. The subtle essence of seminal substance is the “fuel” that helps the conscious spirit expand into the infinite.