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According to the ancient and rich experience of the East with relation to eroticism and sexuality, the conscious control of human sexual functions leads to biological transmutation reactions.

They determine the gradual appearance of a huge biomagnetic inner energy. And there is also a process of modifying these resulted energies as one goes along they pass the different levels of the human being. They will cause at every level some special effects that can become permanent.

This process of elevating the basic energies (vital and sexual energy) is called sublimation.
So the sublimation is a complex process that defines great phenomena, which apparently have nothing to do with sexuality. But they have their energetic resources in the forces resulted from the constant biological transmutation of sexual potential willingly controlled.

As a result of the sexual potential biological transmutation, due to the conscious control over the sexual functions, the originally sexual impulse turns into an almost new energy, having another resonant frequency. It is bigger than the one it has started from. Thus sublimation takes place. What it is right now is directed to a new NON-SEXUAL aim, physical, mental or spiritual.

We might say that the biological transmutation of the human sexual potency can be compared to the human intelligent action of transforming a waterfall into a source of electricity. But sublimation is the ulterior process in which the resulted electricity will be taken from its originally source and transported through high tension wires in order to be transformed after necessities.

It gets to generate a whole scale of phenomena and processes that could not take place in its absence. As we know such phenomena can be: caloric, sound, light, magnetic etc. Between the water from a waterfall that moves constantly the turbine and the TV on which we watch passionately images from another planet there is no connection, according to our ignorance.

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But someone intelligent knows that if the waterfall stops making the turbine spinning, our TV, though is still good, still functioning, will not allow us to watch that images anymore.
So we can say that a sexual impulse is being sublimated if it is intentionally derived to a new non-sexual aim.

Sublimation is one of the strategies of waking up the latent sexual potential of the humans. It is a proceeding that can be practiced by anyone who knows and understands the way it works.
Being a process that takes place later, after the transmutation, sublimation is different because of the fact that it permits a true recharge with energies at other levels of inner human microcosm.

As Easters see it, SUBLIMATION is thus a “successful super-drive back” that generates subtle powers, happiness, unique harmony and euphoric integration of the human being in the cosmic atmosphere. Among all the other positive, beneficial effects, sublimation permits a good social integration and a harmonious and fast personality development.

Through sublimation certain instinctual energies are being turned into other new, elevated aims. Sublimation focuses certain unconscious pulses in the superior levels of the being. They are detached from their primitive orientations and beneficial integrated in the inner world of the human, giving them a beautiful, positive value.

Competition spirit or certain vocations (surgeon for example) can be explained through the sublimation of the aggressive tendencies. Altruism and tenderness can be explained through the sexual instinct energy that is transformed and guided towards the affective level of the human being.

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In Dr. ANDREW STANWAY’s book called “Erotic Touch” (ED. GUILD PUBLISHING LONDON 1987), he writes down, “Some very rare men sustain that they can have the so-called “dry orgasms” many times (orgasms without ejaculation). Then they can have repeated orgasms, with all their physical, emotional and mental signs and yet not to ejaculate. This is the most frequent at men who had discharged several times before. But it can also appear at some men that have even more intense experiences and that hadn’t ejaculated at all for more than 30 days.”

The perfect control over ejaculation is often the usual way that a man behaves himself as it is presented in several eastern texts about erotic art. There are also explained methods that imply both psychological and physiological sides of this extraordinary performance.

The thought is the most powerful force in the Universe. Through biological transmutation the huge resulted energy will amplify at extreme the inner abilities making all the usual boundaries disappear.

A gigantic, lifeless energy lies locked up inside the so less explored human sexual potential. In a shallow way we think that everything in our body is matter. We think wrong that this matter is a “whole”.

The sexual, biological transmutation experiments on our own being made us realize spontaneously that we are structured from an incredible quantity of energetic particles that spin because of a mystery and that are fixed all together because of a miracle.

In the case of these super – intense erotic experiences where sexual potential is not wasted, the human (and even the couples) becomes spontaneously and gradually “radioactive” because of some biological transmutation reactions at low temperatures that take place gradually inside humans.

The phenomenon of biological transmutation at low temperatures are being released easily and maintained unaltered because of the constant engagement of the will force, especially in the erotic-sexual experiences, intense and profound enough.

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Then the human being starts living in a larger Universe, a unique one where he/she can enjoy a blissful mystery each moment. Behind the smallest manifestation there is an ineffable, fascinating unknown.

There are hundred milliards of eV inside the sexual potential of every human being. A single thought-force is enough to gradually awake and control this fabulous energy, in case of a blissful erotic experience. If not, it is being discharged outside us, making us lose almost unconsciously, an essential creative potential.