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Biological transmutation is a transformation or change through which a living organism, through its own means and at the temperature of the body, produces chemical elements from other chemical elements, by regrouping the constituent elements from atoms.

This process generates huge amounts energy.

The reaction of biological transmutation that takes place under specific conditions is a reaction of nuclear fission produced in a controlled manner, at the temperature of the human body and without a sudden release of a great quantity of energy as it happens in a nuclear reactor.

Biological transmutation is permanently present in biological life such as micro-organisms, plants, animals and human beings.

In mans case, this extraordinary process can be amplified at will through training. The aim is the awakening of our powerful latent abilities. We should remember that all these transmutation processes take place at normal temperatures in the living world.

At the cellular level, the reactions of biological transmutation are guided by specific enzymes which are located inside the mitochondria.

Instantaneous biological transmutation implies the use of an already existent substratum, which is then changed in a paranormal way. The miracles of changing water into wine from the New Testament and the transmutation of water into oil or petrol done by the yogi Sai Baba are examples of this.

In 1799, the French chemist Vauquelin fed a hen with oat and water in supervised conditions and he noticed that it excreted five times more calcium than it had been fed.

At the beginning of the XXI century we can say that most of the people consider the concept of chemical elements as a key concept in natural science; this can explain many phenomena and processes in our environment.

Tantra Magazine
According to L.Pauling, a chemical element means a certain species of atoms with the same electric nuclear charge. The 92 known natural elements are the primary substance or the bricks out of which the physical world is built.

Although, science only now mentions the process of the biological transmutation (without a complete unveiling of the mystery), the yogi-s have known all the details about it for thousands of years and have used it for their inner spiritual transformation.

Yoga techniques offer the possibility to transmute the atoms from the substantial sexual potential (the sperm and the menstrual secretions) into other types of atoms.

This reaction is always accompanied by huge releases of energy. All these can become a reality only when the sexual function is perfectly controlled by means of the sexual continence (Brahmacharya) , or of active abstinence.

In 1822 the English chemist Prout noticed that a one-day hen egg contains four times more calcium than a fertilized egg.

In the years 1875-1883 the German chemist Von Herzeele performed some studies on oat seeds and on the variations of calcium during this process. In 1970 doctor Long noticed the quantitative variation of more elements (Na, K, Ca. Mg, Mn, Fe) during the germination of the oat seeds.

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