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In 1959, the French scientist Louis Kervran made some laboratory experiments on biological transmutation for different organisms and different conditions.

His conclusions prove the existence of this extraordinary phenomenon. The researchers extended their studies on mans sexual and erotic functions, pointing out the process of biological transmutation for both man and for woman.

They concluded that, these processes of transmutation could be controlled and released at will especially by yoga practitioners.
They are able to endlessly suspend the ejaculatory discharge and the coming of menstruation. When a couple want to have a baby they can return to these normal physiological manifestations, which are now accompanied by an extraordinary vitality.

Sexual transmutation implies a constant use of sexual substance by means of a permanent control over it through sexual continence, during intense erotic states.
It is synonymous to food consumption that is gradually turned into energy. This energy will then be sublimated into more and more refined types of energy, leading to an endless series of quick transformations in our being, according to our intentions.
Thanks to this process of transmutation, the resultant energy will greatly amplify our latent powers and will remove all the limits of our consciousness.

L. Kervrans main works about this mysterious aspect have been published in French and are called Evidence of the existence of biological transmutation.” and “Transmutation at low temperatures.
Nowadays, it is well known that each atom of our physical body contains huge amounts of energy equivalent to 200.000.000 eV.

Yoga offers precise and quick methods for a gradual release of this power, which is chained in the atoms of our cells, tissues, organs, etc.
Tantra Magazine We superficially consider that our entire body is material. But the sexual potential of any human being contains confined in substance hundreds of thousands of millions of volts.
During a blissful erotic state, one single forceful thought which is constantly maintained in your mind through will power, is enough to gradually awaken this huge energy and direct it to whatever level you want.
On the contrary, when sexual continence is lacking, this vitality is violently and irreversibly discharged so that we almost unconsciously waste a creative potential which is far bigger then we could possibly imagine.
According to the Eastern tradition, a conscious control of the sexual functions leads to transmutation reactions that gradually awaken a huge inner bio-magnetic energy.
The mechanisms of biological transmutation can be discovered by everyone through his own practice. Its fascinating effects will convince you that BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATION exists.

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