TantraMag.COM – Reversed Kundalini. Part 1
Tantra Magazine “The great cosmic energy KUNDALINI ,
the pure energy of the Supreme Self (ATMAN) is deeply asleep in the rectum,
in the region called MULADHARA CHAKRA. It has the shape of a snake coiled
three times and a half. As long as it is sleeping, the Soul is just an animal
and there is no true knowledge of things. When you strongly contract and relax the
anal sphincter, try to feel everything that is happening in this part of
your body. This is what they call ASHWINI MUDRA and it is often said that it is
the most efficient way to wake up the inner SHAKTI .”


Ancient Chinese erotic texts name the normal heterosexual erotic act as “Union
of the Clouds with the Rain” (YUN-YU).

Male homosexuality, which is completely forbidden in Tantra and in Taoism,
being considered a perversity and a huge sin, is usually called “Reversed
Clouds” and “Reversed Rain” (FAN-YUN-FU-YU), especially when it hints to the
anal penetration of a man by another man.

In the Indian Tantric tradition, male homosexuality, completely rejected by the
Eastern Wisdom Tradition, is often called REVERSED KUNDALINI. The term is used
here to describe certain regressive and deeply perverted sexual practices.

The REVERSED KUNDALINI, as the term suggests very clearly, refers to any
DEGRADING and PERVERT sexual practice that reverses the
natural ascendant flux of sexual energy (in case of SUBLIMATION) that results
from the BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTING of the sexual potential.

Anal sex with a man always reverses the flow of the sexual energy in the
passive partner. Many ancient texts warn about anal sex or REVERSED KUNDALINI.
They say that the sensation that appears is a chill followed by strange, scary
and exciting thrills at the same time.

Eastern traditions say that the abject and degrading experience of the
REVERSED KUNDALINI is deeply noxious to the psychic and to the mind and it also
weakens the body physically.

Thus, the ones that are tempted or experiment with MALE HOMOSEXUALITY
almost never realize the severe danger they submit to.

In order to understand what really REVERSED KUNDALINI is, it is necessary to
analyze the yogi traditional anatomy and to correlate it with the modern

Tantra Magazine The yogi text GORAKSASHATAKAM says
that there is a special sexual gland, “Above the LINGAM and under the
belly-button there is a “root” or a bulb (KANDA). It looks like a bird’s egg.
This is the mysterious source from which the 72,000 subtle energy channels (NADI)
spread forth and carry the subtle energy of life.

On top of this “root” there sits the self potent KUNDALINI, who is coiled
3 and a half times and it closes the entrance of the Central Channel (SUSHUMNA
NADI) with its “mouth”.

When it is awakened by the inner fire and fed constantly and consciously through
the vital breath, KUNDALINI raises through the Central Channel (SUSHUMNA) carrying
with it a vital force as a column of light.”

Gray’s anatomy, a well-known medical work, describes a sexual gland, the
prostate, as follows:

“The prostate looks like a chestnut, in form and size. It is situated in the
pelvic cavity and it leans on the rectum. Through the rectum the prostate can
be easily felt, especially when it is oversized. Its base is oriented up and is
situated right under the bladder, to the right of the urethra.

Tantra Magazine The peak of the prostate is oriented
downwards, to the deep stratum of the triangle ligament, which it also touches.
The prostate is made of two lateral lobes and one medial lobe and the urethra
and the ejaculation channels penetrate it. It is covered by a thin but
resistant fibre capsule that separates it through a venal Plax.”

It is obvious that the prostate and the sexual gland described in
GORAKSASHATAKAM are one and the same thing.

Anal sex between men can stimulate the prostate
gland through the rectal wall, leading the excited man to a very fast ejaculation.

So, the stimulation of the prostate in the case of homosexuals leads to the
reversing of Kundalini.

The Tantric masters’ vision on this degrading, abject and pervert practice was: the
normal rising of the KUNDALINI, which is awakened by sexual excitement in the
case of lovemaking between a man and a woman, is IMMEDIATELY blocked.

The pressure that is created makes the KUNDALINI energy come back to itself
and move in a downward direction. The only subtle channels through which the
energy flows are the ones leading to the inferior part of the body.

The long-term effects of REVERSED KUNDALINI are sucking the life out of the
upper parts of the body, making the limbs and the inferior part grow heavier
and determining an increased psycho-spiritual lethargy of the entire being.

Anal sex between two homosexuals is not the only cause of REVERSED KUNDALINI.
Sometimes even a very powerful fear or long-term stress may induce the same
effect in a person (REVERSED KUNDALINI), determining permanent contraction,
followed shortly by a low temperature and the sensation of the loss of vitality in
the upper parts of the body.

Tantra Magazine The phenomenon of REVERSED KUNDALINI
may also appear in case of to much physical stress, sudden shock or persistent
neurotic obsession (especially in cases of PARANOIA and SCHIZOPHRENIA).

The aforementioned circumstances may generate discomfort and lack of
equilibrium in the vital flow of energy. One of the most usual causes of
REVERSED KUNDALINI, in sexual context, is the case of a man and a woman who
have intense sexual intercourse after a heavy meal, if performed without
continence, and not sustained by LOVE, TRANSFIGURATION and DEVOTION, this can have very serious and detrimental effects on both of them.

In this case, the subtle fire, which usually helps digestion, focuses at
the level of the stomach and intestines, inhibiting and blocking the free
flow of energy.

It will shortly lead to a state of deep sleep and heaviness and also to some
sensations that are totally different from the elevating experience in case of a
transfiguring and devoted erotic union.