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The polarity of the two types of energy (Yin and Yang) is the key to harmonizing the flow of energies in the human being. This is the most simple and also fundamental secret of all authentic traditions.

It is simple because it is based on the universal law of the attraction of opposites; positive and negative forces attract each other and are in a permanent interaction.

For example, two opposing poles of two simple magnets are attracted to one another, or the protons and electrons dance and compose an atom.

Yang is the fire, and Yin is the water. Man is the ‘fire’; woman is the “water”. When a man makes love to a woman, he prepares the woman’s “water” with his “fire”. A profound orgasm constitutes a delicate balance between the sexual energies.

Sexual life is dominated by the aforementioned principle of polarities. However it is important to understand that the two types of energy are inseparable, it is in fact one energy, manifested under complementary forms.

One cannot exist without the other, their interaction is “fluid”, and they issue from one another. Therefore, if during the erotic act performed with continence, the man and woman become aware of the play of the two polarities, they have the possibility to become only one being.

Tantra Magazine
Each lover is situated on one “side”. When the exchange of energy reaches a sphere of harmony, the two lovers vibrate in the rhythm of one heart.

The feeling of having a physical body disappears, all one feels now is a huge energy, vibrating as one with his/her lover. This is the profound, total orgasm of both body and soul.

Many men have had intuitions about these things, but those who are actually capable to expand and go deeply into these special states of mind are quite few, because they usually lose their sexual energy through ejaculation.

The true, profound orgasm appears when both man and woman vibrate at the same rhythm. When their sexual energy forms a complete circuit, the two “opposing” poles being reunited.

This circuit is represented by the Yin-Yang symbol, emerging from one another in a perfect eternal harmony. However, the flow of sexual energy alone cannot lead anyone to spiritual achievements, love as well as appropriate mental focus must exist.

Physical union alone is insufficient, and therefore the sexual act itself cannot bring anybody lasting happiness. Another important aspect is that the ordinary orgasm, implying ejaculation, on which many men depend, restrains the sphere of experience and knowledge.

Tantra Magazine

Profound, transfiguring erotic experiences, performed with sexual continence, transcend the borders of ordinary individual pleasure and perception, reaching a complex level of experience.

There are couples that radiate all around profound happiness and love without practicing any esoteric methods of lovemaking. Also there are couples that radiate even more love and happiness, live for a longer time, in health and harmony, because they have learned how to sublimate their sexual energy.

Will they be just as radiant, enthusiastic and blissful when they reach old age? The secret techniques of the Eastern tradition will help them reach an advanced level of spiritual evolution much faster. There is no limit to the depth and health one may get to through love.