Let’s learn together the story of embraces and passion from Kama Sutra:

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An expert lover, say ancient writers of erotica should be well-versed in the sixty-four
techniques of lovemaking and the other sixty-four arts and sciences of living.
There are eight sub-sections to the following set of eight subjects: embraces, kisses, nailmarks,
lovebites, lovecries, sexual postures, role reversal and oral sex.
On a very basic level, embraces have been grouped together into four kinds: touching,
piercing, rubbing and pressing. Each denotes the intensity of passion.

  • You could move close to her on some flimsy excuse and touch her body gently or, she might come up
    to you in a lonely place and let her body brush you as if to touch you.
  • If a woman, on finding you alone, bends down as if to pick up something she has
    dropped and in the process, seems to touch your body with her breast, you can fondle them gently if you are very careful.

If you are will become lovers, then you can go straight to a more direct approach:

  • Walk together in the dark or a secluded place and let your bodies hug each other’s contours.
  • One lover pushes the other literally up against a wall or tree, exploring him or her all over.
    Of course, the last two acts would require knowing each other quite well. Experienced lovers can try
    four more kinds of embrace: the twine of a creeper, climbing a tree, sesame-and-rice and the
    milk-and-water embrace.
    Of these, the first two are done while standing.
  • When she clings on to you as a creeper twines around a tree, pulls your head towards her
    expectantly with love in her eyes, hoping you’ll kiss her hard, it is the embrace
    of the twining of a creeper
  • When she places a foot on yours and tries to lift the other around your back, as if to climb a
    tree trunk, moaning softly as if asking for a kiss, it is the climbing of a tree embrace

The last two embraces can only be done in the comfort of a good bed and can often, without warning,
dissolve into lovemaking:

  • You lie close together, arms entwined, breasts rubbing body, hands exploring new places,
    head pulled close to kiss. This rubbing together is called sesame-and-rice.
  • When she sits on your lap, facing you, and winds her legs around you with her groin pushing
    into you oblivious of pain, locked together it is called the irrevocable mixture of milk-and-water.

Four more kinds of embraces have been classified by Suvarnanabha, according to the parts of the body
used, i.e. embraces of the thighs, groin, breasts and the forehead as follows:

  • In the thigh embrace, the beloved would lock one of your thighs between her legs, squeezing
    hard and lapping up the pleasure it gives.
  • In the groin embrace, she lifts her lovely thighs, pushing them into yours, kneading
    her groin as she scratches you with her nails, and steals kisses as her hair tumbles around in
  • In the breast embrace, she rides astride you with her breasts pushing against you.
  • In the forehead embrace, equal erotic pleasure can be achieved as forehead touches forehead,
    eyes come together, noses rub each other and finally the lips trace patterns around the others face.

Tantra Magazine
Ancient writers tell us that even the description of embraces will stir desire in most human beings
since it puts the old wheel of passion into motion. Once this is done, forget all the rules spelt
out in the Kama Sutra.