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Exploring your own body and getting to understand the rhythm of your arousing are essential for your becoming a man with multiple orgasms. The best male lovers are aware of both their desires and their lovers’ ones.

Later, we shall discuss about how to make your lover’s desires come true, but first you need to learn how to satisfy your own desires. We’ll start by describing briefly the basic elements of male sexual anatomy and excitement. Also we’ll give you some ideas of how to explore your whole potential of experiencing pleasure.


Most men think about their penis when they refer to their sexuality. It’s logical to start with this point since this is the most obvious part of your sexual anatomy. But it is strange that there are a lot of wrong information and mystery about this apparently simple organ.

In the beginning, we should mention that there are no bones or muscles in your penis. In fact it is made of spongy tissue. You can’t make it bigger like you do with your biceps because it doesn’t have muscles.

Nevertheless, 5-7 cm of your penis are in your body in the pubic-coccigian muscle (often called the PC muscle). That’s why it is possible for you to fortify this muscle and to make it stronger. Thus you’ll experience stronger orgasms, you will have stronger erections and a better control over ejaculation.

Many men are concerned with making their penis bigger and some of them even have surgery for this. During time men have tried for many times to increase their so-called manhood – even Taoists had an efficient method that we had presented in our site.

But the truth is that the “size” of the erection is a lot less important than its power and what you do with it. If you practice sexual continence, you will get confirmation of the fact that you’re “man enough” for any woman.

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Most men know the fact that the sperm is produced within the testicles. They might also know that the body’s normal temperature is too high to produce it (that’s why the underwear that is too tight and keeps your testicles too close to your body might diminish the quantity of your sperm).

Yet the testicles are pushed right inside the body when they are about to ejaculate. Pulling them away from the body is an ancient technique of stopping ejaculation and we’ll talk about it in details in the future.

The deferent vessel is a firm tube that stretches out from the testicles to the prostate. Sperm goes through this tube to its end, where it mixes up with the secretions of the seminal vesicles and then it goes in the prostate, right before ejaculation.

The prostate secretions represent almost one third of what you ejaculate and because of them the sperm is white. Sperm is only a small part of the ejaculated fluid. That is why a man who has had a vasectomy still ejaculates almost the same quantity of fluid as he did before surgery.

The prostate is a gland situated in the middle of your pelvis, right in front of your pubic bone, above the perineum. For most men, the term prostate is linked with the dreadful widely spread disease called prostate cancer.

One of eleven American males is suffering from this disease. A healthy prostate is important in order to have a full and long-lasting sexual activity. You can keep your prostate healthy and reduce the risk of having cancer by doing certain pelvic exercises, which will be presented in our site and by massaging indirectly your prostate regularly.

Prostate is often very sensitive at sexual stimulation, just like the G-spot on women. In fact it is called “The Male G Spot”. The authors of the book “The G Spot” said, “Men have a penis orgasm and a prostate orgasm.” Men say that the prostate orgasms are very different from the penis ones, both emotionally and physically. The authors also suggest that this difference is just like the one between female’s clitoridian and vaginal orgasms.

Just like the female G spot, prostate becomes more and more sensitive to erotic stimulation as the man’s excitement increases and the orgasm approaches.

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You may stimulate your prostate from the outside, by pressing the spot that is situated between anus and the base of the testicles and also (more directly) through the anus. It is not easy to do it by yourself.

Generally the best position is lying down on the bed, with your knees bent and your legs on the bed or with your knees pressed on your chest. You can insert a very well lubricated finger inside, push it forward slowly and touch your prostate.

You might feel something like a nut at 3-5 cm inside, on the anterior wall of your rectum. Circle your prostate forward and backward. You may also push it back and forth in different speed levels, which will strongly stimulate the nerves around your anus.

If your lover wants to, she can do the same thing, but a lot easier, from another angle (make sure that she has cut her nails). If neither you nor your lover wants to explore the interior of your anus then you can stimulate the anal sphincter or/and the perineum, which will also stimulate your prostate.

The prostate’s stimulation is very intense. As a result, sometimes it might be more difficult to control the prostate-stimulation-excitement, than the genital. So start slowly and do not pass beyond the point of no return.

The fact that the prostate can be stimulated through the anus doesn’t give licence to homosexuality. So, practice the direct stimulation of prostate alone or with your girlfriend if you want to bring harmony and pleasure inside you.

The Taoists called it “The Gate of Life and Death”. Its role in preventing ejaculation was a well-kept secret. The One Million Dollars Spot is situated on the perineum, right in front of the anus. It is called this way in order to suggest its value in Sexual KUNG FU. It was initially called The One Million Golden Pieces Spot (there were no dollars in China during that time), because this was the price a Taoist Master received for teaching its exact location to someone.

The pubic-coccigian muscle, also called the PC muscle, is a group of important pelvic muscles that starts from the pubic bone (“pubo”) to the sacred bone on the anterior side or to the coccyx bone (“coccigian”) in the back. These muscles represent the basis of sexual health and they are essential for your becoming a multiple orgasm man.

If you’ve ever had to stay in bed for a long period of time, than you must know how your muscles get weaker and atrophied. It’s the same with sexual muscles. The penis gets inside the body when not used regularly as many old men, who are not sexually active anymore confessed.

Taoists knew that it’s important to train your sexual organs just like you do with any other part of your body. We suggest you to read the article Strengthen your sexual muscles! in order to learn how to train your PC muscle.

Its being close to the prostate and its big concentration of nerve-endings make it an extremely erogenous zone. Many of them are afraid that it is “dirty” and they think that it is unnatural to sexual stimulate the anus.

You have to make sure that the anus is clean before your lover starts to touch it gently. She can make circle strokes using her middle finger. It is recommended to clean the fingers after anal stimulation in order to keep bacteria from spreading around.

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Many men are surprised to find that their nipples are sensitive. Others might even ask for a regular stimulation in order to “arouse” their nerve endings. Nipple stimulation is one of the most underestimated and unexplored pleasures of male sexuality.

By understanding the way the energy flows through your body you’ll be able to turn your genital orgasms into orgasms of the entire body and to use your sexual energy in order to increase your health and creativity.

For becoming more conscious about the flowing of the energies through your energetic body we recommend you to practice daily a set of 7 asanas at least 3 minutes each of them. You will find some asanas in our site at “Tantric Yoga” section. And don’t forget that one gram of practice means tons of theories.