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The stability of erotic effervescence and consequently the control over sexual energy is closely connected with a steady breathing and mental pattern.

An effective manner of controlling the vital seed, through a correct diet, which implies a healthy life-style. If a man can consciously control his breath or his mind while making love, he will never have to face involuntary ejaculation or the senseless loss of his vital essence.

Instead, he will use his entire sexual potential energy to transform and sublimate this energy into more refined forms of energy.

“Breath, thought, and seed are the three components of our divine potential. Therefore, these have to be in harmony and consciously controlled. The Yogi who truly manages to bring these three elements (breath, thought and seed) in union becomes in truth The Indestructible, endowed with a transcendental spontaneity.”


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“As long as the breath is erratic and moving, the seed (the sperm) is also effervescent and moving. When the breath slows down, the seed rests as well, just as the breath.”


It is also important that we understand that from the five types of subtle energy that manifest in every human being, most important are PRANAVAYU , associated with processes of absorption of energy and APANA -VAYU, associated with processes of excretion.

The tantric techniques recommended for control over the ejaculation consist in reversing the sense of the APANA type of energy. In an ancient text it says that “the sperm goes up to the brain”, which refers to the subtle sexual energies that are transformed and sublimated .

The connection between these two types of energy and the breath is as follows: the inhalation controls PRANA-VAYU, and the exhalation controls APANA-VAYU.

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You may also exercise while making love, by being aware of your breath all the time. Regulate the rhythm of your breath so that when you penetrate your lover you exhale and when you pull out you inhale.

Maintain this breathing pattern as long as you are not close to the point of non-return, but once you feel you are getting close to it, respect the following piece of advice:

When close to the point of non-return, reverse the above-mentioned rhythm, meaning that you will have to exhale when pulling out and inhale when penetrating.

Breathe deeply and calmly while you make love, performing several coming-and-going movements.

Another highly effective technique is to breathe rapidly through the nose and exhale in one breath through the mouth as follows: penetrate while you partly inhale, pull out while you hold your breath, penetrate again while you inhale some more and pull out while you hold your breath, until your lungs are full.

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Now exhale through the mouth in one breath. You may combine all these processes with JIVA BANDHA, which is turning your tongue backwards until the back of it is placed on the palate.

Ancient Taoist trick: when getting close to the point of non-return, grind your teeth, and press your lips one against the other until you perceive a vibration in your ears.

Another practical and highly useful method for controlling your sexual energy is to practice the HATHA YOGA techniques (asanas, pranayama , and meditation) that you can find in our Tantric Yoga section.