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In the first stage, the fundamental problem a man engaged on the Tantric spiritual path has to face is “ejaculating” versus “not ejaculating”, and for many practitioners this is a perpetual source
of confusion.

The main purpose of Tantra has always been to find a direct path towards spiritual freedom, using all the resources with which God endowed us, and not more secure, but extremely long road that requires the pilgrimage through a great number of re-incarnations.

Basing its teachings and concepts on the observation of the fact that Eros is at the basis of human existence and that it represents the motivating
force for all human achievements, the authentic Tantric tradition maintains the idea that a human being needs to confront and master this primordial force, using it in a creative manner.

Tantric masters teach us that one must not deny the inner urge to make love, but use it in order to get spiritual blessings through it.

There have always been various people who interpreted the sexual Tantric writings differently, and often one interpretation will contradict the others.

For instance, on one hand there are those who prefer to interpret these texts on a purely allegorical level, as a reflection of some inner process, of
some communion that do not necessarily involve physical intimacy.

Still, Tantra is a spiritual path based on lovemaking, which sustains the practice of sexual continence .

Tantra Magazine
Sexual continence implies that both man and woman should avoid the loss of their sexual energy during lovemaking, a loss materialized in the case of a man through ejaculation, and in the case of a woman an explosive orgasm followed by the discharge of sexual energy and fluids.

Common lovemaking (involving ejaculation) is at best only suitable for people who do not have enough spiritual faith and for whom it is truly
difficult to see lovemaking as a truly spiritual act.

Before beginning to practice spiritual love and lovemaking, these people should first change their views on Eros, adding a spiritual
dimension to it as well.

They have to purify their bodies and their minds and to bring more spirituality into their lives.

They can do this by changing their ways, by spending more time in the company of spiritual people, by adopting a vegetarian diet, by reading sacred books, by practicing yoga, yogic breath and meditation, as well cultivating a new and positive attitude regarding eros and spirituality.

During this preparation, it is best if one avoids sexual activity for a while. Only thus can one obtain maximum spiritual results.

Sexual continence implies the retention of the sperm and sexual secretions (in the case of women the menstruating blood and the liquids secreted during lovemaking) inside one’s body and then transmuting and sublimating them.

Tantra Magazine

Through the transmutation process a refined energy ( ojas ) is produced that can be easily sublimated into more refined energies.

Sexual continence represents an important aspect, necessary for Tantric rituals to be truly fruitful.

Tantrics recommend that man preserve his sperm, because this leads to an increase in his physical and spiritual power.

Through the sexual techniques characteristic to an authentic Tantric path, men learn to consciously refrain from ejaculation, to channel their erotic energy inwards, and to fully satisfy their lover.

Only after they have achieved this will they be able to obtain authentic spiritual leaps.