We shall present the names given to the sexual organs of a woman in “THE PERFUMED GARDEN”, an Arabian book inspired by Kama Sutra. This book is available for free, in full, in our e-library.

El keuss (the vulva) – This word is the name of a young woman’s vulva. Such a vulva is very plump and round in every direction, with long lips, grand slit and its edges are divided, symmetrical and rounded; it is soft, seductive, perfect throughout. It is the most pleasant and no doubt the best of all the different sorts. It is warm, tight, and dry; so much so that one might expect to see fire burst from it. Its form is graceful, its odor pleasant; the whiteness of its outside sets off its carmine-red middle. There are no imperfections about it.

El kehmoune (the voluptuous) – The name given to the vulva of a young virgin.

El ass (the primitive) – This is a name applicable to every kind of vulva.

El zerzour (the starling) – The vulva of a very young girl, or, as others maintain, of a brunette.

El cheukk (the chink) – The vulva of a bony and lean woman. It is like a chink in a wall, without a vestige of flesh.

Abou tertour (the crested one) – It is the name given to a vulva furnished with a red comb, like that of a rooster, which rises at the moment of enjoyment.

Abou khochime (the snub-nose) – Is a vulva with thin lips and a small tongue.

El gueunfond (the hedgehog) – The vulva of the old, decrepit woman, dried up with age and with bristly hail.

El sakouti (the silent one) – This name has been given to the vulva that is noiseless. The member may enter it a hundred times a day but it will not say a word, and will be content to look on without a murmur.

El deukkak (the crusher) – So called from its crushing movements upon the member. It generally begins to push the member, directly as it enters, to the right and to the left, and to grip it as if it would absorb it and the two testicles.

El tseguil (the insatiable) – This is the vulva that is never tired of taking in the member. It may pass a hundred nights with it, and walk in a hundred times every night and still that vulva would not be sated – nay, it would want still more, and would not allow the member to come out again at all, if it was possible. With such a vulva the roles are exchanged; the vulva is the pursuer, the member the pursued. Luckily it is a rarity, and only found in a small number of women, who are wild with passion, on fire and enflamed.

El taleb (the yearning one) – This vagina is met within a few women only. With some it is natural; with others it becomes what it is through long abstinence. It burns for a member, and, having got one in its embrace, it refuses to part with it until its fire is completely extinguished.

El hacene (the beautiful) – This is the vulva which is white and plump in form vaulted like a dome, firm, and without any deformity. You cannot take your eyes off it, and to look at it changes a feeble erection into a strong one.

El neuffakh (the swelling one) – So called because a torpid member coming near it, and rubbing its head against it a few times, swells at once and stands upright. To the woman who has it, it procures excessive pleasure, for, at the moment of climax, it opens and shuts convulsively, like the vulva of a mare.

Abou djebaha (one with a projection) – Some women have this sort of vulva, which is very large, with a pubis prominent like a projecting, fleshy forehead.

El ouas (the vast one) – A vulva surrounded by a very large pubis. Women of that build are said to have a large vagina, because, although on the approach of the member it appears find it impenetrable to such a degree that not even a straw seems likely to fit in it, but as soon as it feels the friction of the glans against its center it opens wide at once.

El aride (the large one) – This is the vulva which is as wide as it is long; that is to say, fully developed all round, from side to side, from the pubis to the perineum. It is the most beautiful to look upon. As a poet once said:

It has the splendid whiteness of a forehead,
In its dimensions it is like the moon,
The fire that radiates from it is like the sun’s,
And it seems to burn the member which approaches;
Unless first moistened the member cannot enter,
The odor it emits is full of charm.

Abou Beloum (the glutton) – The vulva with a vast capacity for swallowing. If such a vulva has not been able to get coitus for some time it will engulf the member that comes near it, without leaving any trace of it outside, like a man who is famished flings himself upon any food offered to him, and would swallow it without chewing.

El mokour (the bottomless) – This is the vagina of indefinite length. It requires a member of the largest dimensions; any other could not succeed in rousing its amorous sensibilities.

Abou cheufrine (the two-lipped) – This name is given to the amply developed vagina of an excessively stout woman. Also to a vagina of whose lips have become flaccid, long and pendulous, owing to weakness.

Abou ungra (the humpbacked) – This vulva has the mount of Venus prominent and hard, standing out like the hump on the back of a camel, and reaching down between the thighs like the head of a calf.

El rorbal (the sieve) – This vulva upon receiving a member seems to sift it all over, below, right and left, fore and aft, until the moment of pleasure arrives.

El hezzaz (the restless) – When this vagina has received the member it begins to move violently and without interruption until the member touches the matrix, and then knows no repose till it has hastened on the enjoyment and finished its work.

El lezzaz (the unionist) – The vagina which, having taken in the member, clings to it and pushes itself forward upon it so closely that, if the thing were possible, it would enfold the two testicles.

El moudd (the accommodating) – This name is applied to the vagina of a woman who has felt for a long time an ardent wish for coitus. In rapture with the member it sees, it is glad to second its movements of come and go; it offers its matrix to the member by pressing it forward within reach, which is, after all, the best gift it can offer. Whatever place inside of it the member wants to explore, this vulva will welcome him to it; there is no corner it will not help the member reach.

El moune (the assistant) – This vulva is thus named because it assists the member in and out, go up and down, in short, in all its movements, in such a way that if it desires to do a thing, to enter or to retire, to move about, etc., the vulva hastens to give it all the help it can and answers to its appeal. Through this aid the enjoyment is heightened.

El meusboul (the long one) – This name only applies to some vulvas; everyone knows that vulvas are far from being all of the same conformation and aspect. This vulva extends from the pubis to the anus. It lengthens out when the woman is lying down or standing, and contracts when she is sitting, differing in this respect from the vulva of a round shape. It looks like a splendid cucumber lying between the thighs. With some women it shows under light clothing, or when they are bending backwards.

El molki (the duelist) – This is the vulva which, on the introduction of a member, executes the movement of coming and going, pushes itself upon it for fear of its retiring before pleasure arrives. There is no enjoyment for it except for the shock given to its matrix by the member, and it is because of this that it projects its matrix in order to grip and suck the member’s gland when ejaculation takes place. Certain vulvas, wild with desire and lust, be it natural or a consequence of long abstinence, throw themselves upon the approaching member, opening their mouth like a famished infant to whom the mother offers her breast. In the same way this vulva advances and retires upon the member in order to bring it face to face with the matrix, as if in fear that, unaided, it could not find it.

The vulva and the member resemble thus two skilful duelists, each time that one of them rushes its antagonist, the latter opposes its shield to parry the blow and repulse the assault. The member represents the sword, and the matrix the shield. The one who first ejaculates the sperm is vanquished; while the one who is slowest is the victor; and, assuredly, it is a fine fight!

As a poet once said:

I have let them see the effect of a subtle shadow,
Spinning like an ever busy spider.
They said to me, `How long will you go on?’
I answered them, `I will work till I am dead.’

El harrab (the fugitive) – The vagina which, being very tight and short, is hurt by the penetration of a very large and soft member; it tries to escape to the right and left. It is thus, like the vagina of most virgins, which, not yet having made the acquaintance of the member and fearful of its approach, tries to get out of its way when it glides in between the thighs and wants to be admitted.

El sabeur (the resigned) – This is the vulva which, having admitted the member, submits patiently to all its whims, and movements. It is also said that this vulva is strong enough to endure the most violent and prolonged coitus. If it were assaulted a hundred times it would not be vexed or annoyed; and instead of venting reproaches, it would give thanks. It will show the same patience if it has to do with several members who visit it successively.

This kind of vagina is found in women of a glowing temperament. If they only knew how to do it, they would not allow the man to dismount, nor his member to retire for a single moment.


El mouseuffah (the barred one) – This kind of vagina is not often met. The defect which distinguished it is sometimes natural, sometimes it is the result of an unskillfully executed operation of circumcision upon the woman. Sometimes the operator can make a false move with his instrument and injures the two lips, or even only one of them. During healing a thick scar forms, which bars passage, and in order to make the vagina accessible to the member, a surgical operation and the use of the bistouri will have to be resorted to.

El merour (the deep one) – The vagina which always has the mouth open, and the bottom of which is beyond sight. The longest members only can reach it.

El ddad (the biter) – The vulva which, when the member has got into it and is burning with passion, opens and shuts again fiercely. This mostly happens when an ejaculation is coming that the man feels the head of his member bitten by the mouth of the matrix. And certainly there is an attractive power in the same when it clings, yearning for sperm, to the gland, and draws it in as far as it can. If God in his power has decreed that the woman shall become pregnant the sperm gets concentrated in the matrix; but if, on the contrary, God does not permit the conception, the matrix expels the seed, which then runs over the vagina.
El meusass (the sucker) – This is a vagina which in its amorous heat, due to its erotic play, or long abstinence, begins to suck the member which has entered it so forcibly as to deprive it of all its sperm, dealing with it as a child drawing on the breast of its mother.

El zeunbour (the wasp) – This kind of vulva is known by the strength and roughness of its fur. When the member approaches and tries to enter it gets stung by the hairs as if by a wasp.

El harr (the hot one) – This is one of the most praiseworthy vulvas. Warmth is in fact very much esteemed in a vulva, and it may be said that the intensity of the enjoyment afforded by it is in proportion to the heat it develops.


Poets have praised it in the following verses:

This vulva possesses an intrinsic heat;
Shut in a solid heart (interior) and pent up breast (matrix).
Its fire communicates with him that enters it;
It equals in intensity to the fire of love.
She is as tight as a well-fitting shoe,
Smaller than the circle of the apple of the eye.

El ladid (the delicious) – It has the reputation of producing unbelievable pleasure, comparable only to the one felt by the beasts and birds of prey, and for which they fight bloody. And if such effects are produced upon animals, what must they be for man? And so it is that all wars spring from the search for the voluptuous pleasure which this vagina procures, and which is the highest fortune of this world; it is a part of the delights of paradise awarded to us by God as a taste of what is waiting for us, namely, delights a thousand times superior, and above which only the sight of the Benevolent (God) is to be placed.

More names might certainly be found applicable to the sexual organs of woman, but the number of those previously mentioned should be enough. The principal object of this work is to collect together all the remarkable and attractive matters concerning coitus, so that he who is in trouble may find consolation in it, and the man to whom erection offers difficulties may be able to look upon it for a remedy against his weakness. Wise physicians have written that people whose members have lost their strength, and are afflicted with impotence, should assiduously read books about coition, and carefully study the different kinds of lovemaking, in order to recover their former vigur. A crude but certain means of provoking erection is to look at certain animals in the act of coition. As it is not always everywhere possible to see animals whilst in the act of copulation, books on this subject are indispensable. In every country, large or small, both the rich and poor have a need for this sort of book, which may be compared to the philosopher’s stone for transforming common metals into gold.