Beneath the clitoris there is the opening of the urethra, leading to the urinary bladder.

Unlike men, whose urethra is relatively long, extending along the penis, the women have a relatively short urinary route, which is also the reason for which women tend to have more urinary infections than

The come-and-go movements of intercourse may introduce certain bacteria inside the womans urethra.

If your lover has frequent urinary infections, encourage her to urinate after lovemaking, because this will help eliminate possible bacteria.

In the lower part of the clitoris and the urethra there is the entrance into the vagina.

The walls of the vagina are leaning on one another, creating a potential space, rather than a real one.

The walls of the vagina have many folds, which explain the ability to adjust to almost any type, size, or shape of penis, not to mention the size of a fetus during birth.

This capacity to dilate and contract, up to being tight around a finger, is the reason for which the differences in size between one penis and another are not usually a major problem.

In a state of rest, the posterior wall of the vagina has about 7.5 cm, and its anterior wall has about 6 cm. As the woman becomes more and more aroused, the vagina becomes longer and wider.

The two inner thirds of her vagina are expanding, which often reduces the
stimulation in the back of the vagina, while the first exterior third becomes tighter as it is flooded by blood.

This is one of the reasons for which a woman can make love with a man with a small penis and still be satisfied.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, if your lover has well-developed PC muscles, she can contract her vagina around your penis and thus she can enhance your pleasure and hers at the same time.

If your lover enjoys deeper penetrations and it is difficult for you to reach that deep inside her, there are some sexual positions that “shorten” the
vagina and make the deeper penetrations easy to perform.

Many women realize they are more sensitive around the opening of the vagina rather than inside, while others say they have a bigger sensitivity in other areas, including the posterior wall or even the cervix.

There are no universal rules in this respect. Therefore, explore this fascinating realm of sexuality and sensuality with your lover and let her share with you what she enjoys most!

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