1. You have watched them many times tossing about under the coat, thrilling; you have often admired them through your lover’s daring dcolletages. Now, when they are offered to you willingly, learn to profit to the full by their nectar. Touch them with the tip of your fingers. Softly pinch their nipples, play with these two halos. Put your both hands on her breasts, massage them, and delicately knead them. Now they are ready to welcome your passionate kisses. Insist on the nipples, for they are very sensitive and very responsive to tenderness. Even it is small, the breast loves to be observed and adored, as it ought to be.

2. The buttocks are always in the centre of your attention. You often notice them before any other part of the body. Learn how to show them interest. Suggest your lover to lie on her belly, thus offering you a remarkable view of her hidden beauty. Put your both hands on her buttocks and start by touching them tenderly, then, making circular movements, move away and draw near these so exciting round parts. Kiss, softly bite and especially don’t forget about the line, which separates the two buttocks. This is an erogenous zone which few are aware of. Massage the sacrum, gently press the coccyx, and then slowly massage downwards. So as to make her enjoy your caresses more, ask your lover to curve a little and you will thus admire her as much as you wish…

3. Caress her breasts with your penis. Before penetrating the already wet cave of your lover who is at the climax of excitation, caress her in a less usual manner, but an extremely sensual one. Lie over her after she lies on her back, then imitate the moves of penetration. The penis being already hard, hitting and at the same time touching her tenderly, these caresses are enough to overwhelm her. So touch her breasts with your penis, prick her delicately in her navel, in the clitoris, touch her most erogenous zone. The atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter and the lubricated liquid that runs out from her vagina is driving you crazy.

4. Her beautiful sex being already prepared by your attentive care, you could now be more concerned with the clitoris. For the beginning touch it tenderly with your tongue, softly, then more and more forcible, more insistently. Kiss it, bite it softly, and delicately caress it with your tongue. Seize it with your lips as if you wanted to inspire it, while with your tongue you hit it jerky and tenderly at the same time.

5. Move away her labia using your forefingers and with your thumb touch the clitoris more and more insistently. This type of stimulation is often enough to make many women to reach the orgasm.

6. Introduce one or more fingers in her hospitable vagina. But before this you may moisten them in your own saliva or you may offer your fingers directly to her to moisten them. Penetrate her vagina with your fingers, imitate the coming and going movements of the penis, explore the valley of pleasures by slow turnings round, then lick your fingers that have been moistened in her appetizing secretions, without losing her from your sight. Offer her the pleasure to taste this aphrodisiac liqueur as well. Kiss her sex passionately.

7. Lie on your back and ask your lover to lie over you so that her sex should be right in front of your mouth. You will thus have an inconceivably beautiful view of her trunk with precious jewels. She will thus enjoy a complete freedom in movements, being able to unrestrictively express her ecstatic drunkenness to the climax of which you bring her by using the skilled caresses of your tongue.

8. The bed is not the only place where you could make love. Ask your lover to sit comfortably on the armchair. Delicately move away her thighs and lean them on the arms of the armchair. Kneel down at her feet, so that your mouth should be right in front of her pubis, ready to hide your tongue in the cave of the 1001 wonders.

9. Encourage her to stimulate herself. Having her in your view all the time, with sensual pleasure relish the fingers you have used to stimulate her clitoris. You might also encourage her to stimulate herself. For the beginning direct her hand towards her breasts, then towards her belly, and finally towards her sex. Let her express herself freely, just watch her, encourage her with a word, a moan of pleasure and admiration. Then start to caress her in order to show her how much excited you are by what she does.

10. When she comes over you, you must know how to stoop like a real horse. Lift the pelvis with strength, make some circular movements. Leaning on your shoulders and feet, lift the pelvis a little bit higher so that your lover should feel safe in the saddle. Keep staying in this position as long as possible. As soon as you feel tired and come back to the previous position, your lover will fall from the saddle right in your arms.

11. Lift her pelvis. If she is impatient and eager to make love, but a little bit lazier, put some pillows under her buttocks. Or, in order to offer her even more pleasure, you could hold her in this position, taking advantage of this occasion to sensually massage her buttocks.