Here, we present you with some wrong and potentially harmful myths or misconceptions concerning male sexuality, myths and misconceptions that are already deeply rooted in our mentality.

Every culture is confronted with a large number of prejudices regarding various subjects, but without a doubt most of them are from the sexual domain.

Many of us absorb these beliefs relatively unconsciously. The conversations heard at home, the opinion of church personalities, of friends, teachers, the mass media, all of which contribute to the “data base” of knowledge inherited from the social and cultural environment.

But once we become capable to detect such myths we will easily understand how they could hinder our relationships from becoming more harmonious.

Many men think that women like super-huge penises, although there is no proof that this conception is true. Generally speaking, men have a complex that their penis is smaller than it should be.

This thought generally comes into their minds because another man’s penis, without being in erection, seems to be bigger than his. Many times this is an illusion caused by the decreasing effect that occurs when we are looking from up, down.

Beside this, there is also a belief that the penis must be as hard as a stone and remain in full erection for hours. This is a dangerous myth because if the man does not keep his erection, women often worsen the situation by blaming and criticizing themselves.

In this case they consider that it is their fault because they are not sensual and attractive enough. Similarly, many women believe that all they have to do to excite a man is to get undressed and remain in a passive state, hoping that their lover’s penis will “joyfully” enter them in full erection.

However, clinical experiments show that the penis generally needs help and a woman must actively contribute to exciting her man. Women tend to avoid this, having the false idea that her naked body is enough to determine a man’s erection and feels that to help him get an erection is degrading in some way.

According to this myth women are always ready to make love and although they say “no” they mean “yes”. Or in others words, if at first they don’t want to make love they will always end up making love anyway.

Although this myth concerns women, it seriously affects a man’s way of thinking and acting. Having an available woman in their mind, a woman who is always ready to make love with them, some men are often unsatisfied or discontent with the woman they live with.

Such a man never pays attention when his lover sensually tells him, with her eyes and gestures that she needs to be softly caressed by him.

In real life this misunderstanding affects the couple’s relationship, having other consequences too. Her “no” is often misinterpreted, he may think that it is because he cannot bring her to orgasm or that he isn’t virile enough.

It is also a myth that men should know what to do without needing to be told; it is obviously false and destroys many relationships and marriages. In reality men have more to learn about sexuality than the women have, because women naturally have various erotic responses.

Thus, no man can be sure that he will succeed in satisfying a woman if he doesn’t ask her to tell him what she is expecting him to do in order to overwhelm her with pleasure.

Paradoxically the majority women cannot bear the idea of sincerely saying what they want and feel, thinking that a man knows what her desires are, even if the man acts as if he doesnt know what she wants him to do. Women think that this subtle and refined knowledge must be instinctive.

To make the things even more absurd, many men try to give the impression that they know more about lovemaking than they really do. To resolve these misunderstandings both partners should be open with one another, a woman must be very delicate when “teaching” her man, because he could consider this teaching as a reproach.

It is not true that because a couple wishes and desires to make love it will automatically bring the desired erection. Men need more stimulation as they get older. This fact can be a real problem for some women.

She can be a little confused and tense when she has to contribute to her lover’s erection, because until now she only played a passive role.

She may consider this a deficit of her man, a sign that he doesnt love her any more. It may even occur to her to look for another relationship to reconfirm her power of seduction.

To understand the men’s situation better – the man is excited, wanting to make love but unable to get an erection if she compares this to a situation in which she is excited but surprisingly her vagina isn’t lubricated.

The difference is of course that it is possible to begin making love without a very lubricated vagina (even it is not so pleasant, the penetration can be improved with some external natural lubricants) but it is almost impossible without the man having an erection.