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You have a confused sexuality, which always seeks to define itself. Torn between an immense need for tenderness, often repressed and an aggression that is not always under control, you move very easily from violence to caresses, and from kissing to biting.

More sadistic than masochistic, you have the tendency of regarding life as a battlefield, where it is not important to win but to assert one’s power.

You dream of domination and sometimes you misbehave only so that your lover has the chance to forgive you afterwards.

You tend to have inclinations towards certain erotic-sentimental games, provided you can find a suitable lover to play them with. Be careful not to fall into your own traps.

What you like is not eroticism for eroticism’s sake. Romantic, you believe in the ideal love, even if life indicates that it is difficult to find it.

However, because the heart has reasons the mind does not understand, you sometimes allow yourself to be dragged into pseudo-amorous affairs, which end up disappointing you.

You think that sexual freedom is an entrapment and that sheer joy is possible only when the body and the heart work together. Some people say that you are old fashioned, but they simply do not grasp the true meaning of love.

Nobody is good enough for you. This is your rule in your life and love-life. You are somewhat of an exhibitionist, preferring to be loved rather than to love. You are in the category of the great seducers.

It is difficult for anyone to impose a style of lovemaking that does not suit you.

Your lover is of little interest to you and all you require from her is her admiration, and if you make love to her, you view it as the ultimate favor you could grant her.

You are a match with masochists and with eccentrics. In fact, you have the soul of an artist, too bad you do not use the wonderful qualities you have in the erotic field. You prefer the image of love rather than love itself.

Your sexuality is located in your mind rather than in your pants. Erotic aspects take you to a bizarre and inciting world. Unfortunately, reality is never at the height of your imagination.

With a tendency towards polygamy, you easily embark on affairs with friends and strangers. Some think you are obsessed, when in fact you are just a shy person, who dares not experiment his own fantasies.

This is too bad for you and for your lovers, because the repression of the libido often leads to anxiety and even neurosis.

You have the bad habit of falling in love with people who do not care for you and you often remain indifferent to the feelings of the people who truly love you.

For you, loving someone equals suffering for that person. You strive for total love, a love nurtured with love and sighs.

You are both dominator and slave, master and servant. You dream of a unique liaison that celebrates the passion and slavery of love with you.

You are against all taboos. In your vision, love should have no rules, no restrictions. You do not mind if you are accused of deviations, because the way you find pleasure is your own concern.

You are not likely to make love in the missionary position. You prefer to have long intervals of abstinence rather than falling into the routine of daily habits. Nonetheless, when the time comes, nothing stops you from having the most exotic orgies.

For you, living means loving. Life makes no sense if you are not in love. Your lover can say she is a lucky woman, as she is the center of your universe.

Love and lovemaking is an art for you, and the woman and love are your source of inspiration. You fall in love easily and you may have a tendency towards superficiality.

Nonetheless, you idealize the woman you love and you grant her the title of queen over your heart. Beware though to whom you give this title however.

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