Research in this field indicated that all types of stress cause great disorders in our endocrine and nervous systems. Psychic stress acts harmfully on the hypothalamus, which coordinates all the functions of the organism, including the sexual function.

Therefore, a malfunction of the hypothalamus may result in a disorder of the sexual glands, inhibiting or over-stimulating their activity. None of these results are desirable; over-stimulation often leads to the same result as the inhibition of sexual impulses.

This means that a hyper-excitable person with an uncontrolled libido, lacking the possibility of transforming this sexual energy into superior forms of energy will fell the urge to release this energy quite frequently.

And such a person will do so, either through making love without continence, or masturbating. If you cannot control your sexual energy then it is like you do not have it.

The aforementioned situation is one of the mechanisms through which psychic stress influences our sexuality.

However, stress of a psychic nature has other implications as well, reflected mostly in one’s behavior.

Scientists actually speak of male “frigidity”, manifested even in the case of men who are fertile and have normal erections, but who, due to various factors such as worries, and concerns are unable to experience erotic pleasure.

It is the state in which a man no longer feels erotic pleasure and fulfillment, he only feels obligated to respond to the womans need for intimacy and affection.

If this state persists, the man lose all erotic desire in time, and if this desire becomes absent, he will also lose sexual potency and strength.

Thus, the man will acutely and painfully perceive this absence of sexual desire later on in his life.

The problem of stress is quite complex and we approached only one aspect of it, in an attempt to emphasize the importance of this factor in a healthy sexual life.

Many contemporary doctors, psychologists, and sociologists seek solutions for this problem. We unanimously consider that stress should be reduced, but until now there weren’t any answers to this issue.

So, let us look at this situation from a different angle as well: the factors that usually cause stress are not really the problem, but our attitude towards these factors is, the way we react to them is what is truly harmful.

According to the knowledge passed on to us from Eastern sages about the two fundamental principles of Yin and Yang broadens our perception this issue.

When one is greatly receptive to outer stimuli, one has an excess of Yin energy. If that person focuses on amplifying his or her Yang energy, then this receptiveness will disappear.

In fact this is the right solution for this crisis, because it is easier to transform ones inner attitude than to attempt and change the whole world.

Ever wonder why people did not need to define the term “stress” until twenty or thirty years ago, even though in the past the direct threats to ones life and well-being were more direct and more serious than today.

A hundred years ago the famine was a more palpable and serious problem than getting fired is these days. However, even the temporary loss of ones job is a serious factor that causes a great amount of stress.

The reactions people have these days to issues that aren’t very serious compared to the difficult times in the past are also quite exaggerated.

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