One of the problems men have to face these days is impotence, especially in the West, where this problem is growing larger every day.

For instance, in England, around the 80s, statistics indicated that over a million men were suffering from impotence, without even being old enough to have to start to worry about such things.

However, this is only an example, because the truth is that all males living in highly industrialized areas are confronted with this problem.

We asked ourselves two questions, and we invite you to find the answers to them as well: what are the causes of this situation, and most importantly, how can it be overcome?

Studies in this area have indicated the causes of impotence in the following:

This is one of the most common and widely spread causes for lack of erotic strength. Over 75% of todays food is chemically processed.

Healthy, natural food was replaced with meat, white flour, white refined sugar, refined oil, “natural” concentrated juices, and so on.

We have pointed out the shortcomings of eating meat in some previous articles so we won’t go over it here.

However, things are a bit more complicated, because the meat industry has begun using feminine hormones to make their animals grow faster, due to market necessities.

These hormones are assimilated in the animals tissues and then they pass into ours through the food they produce.

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Nutritionists consider that the ingestion of this meat leads to physiological transformations characteristic to the assimilation of feminine hormones.

This involuntary “hormone treatment” appears to be responsible for a great range of disorders, like obesity and effeminate manifestations in the case of men.

We have also discussed the terribly destructive effects of white refined sugar in previous articles so we won’t go over it again. We will simply mention that diabetes leads to sexual dysfunctions in one case out of two.

Therefore a healthy diet is highly recommended, especially one based on raw, natural foods with a high energy value, which stimulate the regeneration of the organism through the enzymes and vitamins they bring in.

They also re-establish the natural, normal function of the glands, enhance sexual potency and bring balance to all the processes related to sexuality.

It is also recommend that you consider your constitutional type when deciding to improve your diet, because an under-weight person should not have the same diet as an over-weight one.

You will note that a change for the better in your diet will determine a change for the better in your whole life, influencing not only your body, but your mental and psychic processes as well.

Stress is also considered to be a big problem in this case. In short, stress is like an alarm for our organism, caused by various aggressive, malefic and worrying factors.

Up to a certain level, stress may have a stimulating effect on a person, pushing one to make efforts to surpass ones limits and improve ones qualities.

However, if this limit is surpassed, stress becomes harmful, leading to damaging repercussions on the persons physical, emotional and mental structures.

Analogically speaking, this situation resembles an apparatus receiving too many signals. It is as if someone were playing with our alarm button, causing chaos in our being.

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