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Usually men are quite discreet about their privacy, and therefore statistics aren’t always perfect. However, over 80 percent of men have had the tendency to begin working out and get the body they always dreamed of at some point in their lives.
But years go by, and the tendencies to be what they dreamed of are sabotaged by various reasons and the desire to seriously embark on a program and get that body fades away and finally disappears under the pressure of daily stress.
Many people perceive the importance of leading an active life, of being dynamic and of gaining control over their own body and vitality but few people do it.
According to Tantric and also Taoist teachings, such men actually aspire to enhance their Yang energy, to gain complete control over their body, as well as over their subtle bodies, to do what their mind and soul aspire to.
It is not an accident that the martial arts have reached such peaks of popularity in the West. This occurred because these martial arts originate in the harmony that must be established between the Yin and Yang principles, and this is what Westerners lack.
It is unnecessary to continue listing the disadvantages of sedentarism. It is quite obvious for each man that his lover would love to see him sharp, fit, flexible and emanating erotic vigor at all times. So let us study the possibilities of solving this problem.
Whenever we want to overcome a state of inner inertia, of fatigue or idleness, we need to have something better to replace the old, unhealthy habit with.
Two questions arise: what will our new way of life look like? and what should we begin with?
In the case of regular people, the answer to these two questions depends to a great extent on their age, social status, and individual constitution.
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In the beginning, we will only have a vague idea of how our life will be like after we take these important decisions. If we just choose a sports program, the hardship and problems that will be greater than what we imagined.

The temptations to give up, the so called “encouragements” of various friends, and most of all a disproportion between what we imagined the results would be and what they actually are, after a short interval of practice.
Studies indicate that only a small number of people trying this style have found it satisfactory. The classical exercises to cultivate the physical body are to a great extent quite mechanical and quite boring, despite our awareness that they are necessary.
Indeed, in order to fight this problem of sedentarism, we have to make up a program of dynamic exercises, but we also have to be aware that the roots of our problem is not in our physical body, but in our minds.
There is a certain habit that accustomed us to being idle, and to stagnate, and the fact that we decided to practice some sport does not necessarily change the mental attitude associated to it.
In the absence of inner enthusiasm and dynamism we will never grow truly strong as men and as human beings.
So here is the practical advice: there are some yogic techniques that are quite successful in fighting these inertial tendencies. They should be done with the adequate concentration, so the effects in fighting lack of willpower, in amplifying virility, in re-invigorating the organism are fully perceived and assimilated into your inner universe.
These postures (whose detailed description you can find in the Yoga section of our site) are: Padahastasana, Trikonasana, Uddiyana Bandha, Chakrasana, Shalabhasana, Nabhiasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana. You may also practice Pranayama techniques.
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The great advantage of practicing these postures is that since they should be performed with adequate mental concentration they also serve to enhance it.

Furthermore, within a few months of perseverant practice you may develop other inner qualities such as will power, tenacity, mental focus and intuition.

These qualities are a great help in our daily life, and in all our actions. This fact makes our daily practice very beneficialial for our life.

We won’t say that this is will be easy. Easily obtained results don’t usually last. This is why, on this more difficult path, the results will be significant and long lasting, not to mention, treasured and appreciated.


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