If a man increases his Yang energy (which is characteristic to him) he may develop a genuine and effective immunity against any kind of stress. A man who has inner strength cannot be disturbed by a minor threats on a social level, but on the contrary he will feel compelled and stimulated to solve it, to overcome it without feeling any despair, concern or anger.

We may have seen solid and loving couples in which the man is physically smaller than the woman.

Apparently these men have nothing special to distinguish them from the others, but they may manifest those masculine qualities we talked about, which give them the inner strength and resistance to exterior stimuli.

Whenever you notice that you have problems in your love life, when you notice that your attraction towards the woman you love so much has decreased or fundamentally changed its nature, you should know that the cause is not really in your work, or in your family-problems, or in your children or even in your friends.

Even if one or more of these areas are suffering, the real problem is you. The real problem that caused this reaction is not in the exterior, but in the interior: it is the excess of Yin energy, leading to great receptivity towards all things, especially the negative ones on which we seem to dwell so much.

You become receptive not only to the things you like, but also to those you deeply dislike. They are now free to disturb you.

Therefore, the solution to this inner problem is also of an inner nature: simply find methods to enhance your Yang energy and apply them correctly.

These methods begin with what you eat and end with specific techniques you need to practice. There are also herbs that will help you in this attempt to gain immunity against stress and continuity in your erotic and soul-related experiences.

The success in your undertaking, the absence of stress, inner pressure, nervousness, the re-discovery of your inner enthusiasm and pleasure in lovemaking are all possible if you apply the things you can find in our articles.

This is a disease generated by urbanism and industrialism. Its effects are: obesity, lack of muscular strength, lack of vitality, lack of sexual vigor, dependence on exterior stimuli, absence of will and vivacity.

Over fifty percent of Americans spend their spare time watching T.V. or playing video games. Undoubtedly, the T.V. is the most effective surrogate for existence that has ever been discovered.

If half of our active time during the day is spent at work, where the tendency is towards specialized and routine activities, and the other half eating, watching T.V., or in front of the computer, and perhaps some other activities that involve the same level of participation, then we may easily realize and predict how the men of the following century will look like.

A clear indication of the level of sedentarism in our contemporary society is the huge and monstrous number of devices, foods, medicine, earrings, belts, shoes, pajamas, bracelets that “will help you loose weight without any effort”.

If these “exotic” and often hilarious products had appeared fifty years ago, they would have caused an immense burst of laughter. However, today they no longer surprise or upset anybody.

Obesity is usually associated with sedentarism and lack of interest with which most people have to deal with. Therefore, most people struggle to lose the excess weight.

Although many men are convinced that their problem is the fact that they became over-weight, in fact their problems are a sedentary life and lack of interest in their own person, which reside on a subconscious level and diminish the mans inner energy, his natural state of effervescence and characteristic creative male dynamism.

The low level of Yang energy will automatically lead to disastrous effects in the overall energy economy of the organism.

On this weakened energy base, man is no longer able to spread his wings and face life as he should, instead he will very often feel the need to rest, perceiving his existence on an aggressive level, and thus being forced to develop a defensive attitude against it.

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