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METHOD 1: If you have erection problems at the beginning of lovemaking, a calm attitude is the best help you can get for overcoming this moment. A woman often gets the wrong ideas in such moments, thinking that the man no longer likes her or that he is no longer is attracted to her.

However, her tendency towards inhibition will do more harm than good. She should remain calm and warm, helping her lover get over this unpleasant moment for both of them.
Regardless of the cause, the purpose is to overcome this moment and to get the desired erection.

The secret Eastern teachings recommend, in this case, that the man undress completely and lie on the bed, relaxing as much as possible. He should try to get into the state of receptivity named “the pose of perception”, in which he no longer focuses on getting an erection, but on eliminating the cause that led to this.
His lover should lie in the same bed, on his left side, with her head towards his feet, without touching him.
The man should slowly pass his hands over his abdomen, until reaching his penis. Then, he should hold his penis with his right index and thumb, while his left hand takes hold of his testicles.
He should focus on the image of his contracted pelvic muscles and view his penis and all its channels. He should then pull his fingers towards the head of his penis, continuously pressing it. Simultaneously he should tense the penile muscles, visualizing how the penis is filled with virility and energy.

This sequence should be repeated several times, maintaining the contraction of the penis during the time required to “go over” the entire length of the penis, from the base to the head. When reaching the head, relax the muscles and release the penis.
Relax for a couple of minutes, and repeat the sequence: hold your penis, press, slide the ring formed of the index and the thumb slowly from base to head, while contracting the penis. Repeat once more, and then maintain the position with your eyes closed.
Then his woman should perform the same movements with the exact position of the hands: she holds her lover’s penis with her right index and thumb and presses the base of the penis, and her left hand gently holds his testicles.
At this moment, the man has to contract the penile muscles and maintain this contraction while the woman slides her fingers along his penis. She should press as much as needed to create the sensation of a gentle slide.

The woman has to release the penis when she feels the contraction becoming less powerful. At this point she will not let her fingers slide back, at the base of the penis, but she will let the penis “fall” freely, and only then should she encircle it with a ring made of her fingers.
The man and woman should repeat the process as described two more times, after which they can relax. Then the man should then lie on his stomach, and the woman should lie on his right side, in the same position described before.