It is very important that the erection is obtained and maintained at will. Most young men have an erection at the slightest thought about sex. For such young men, magazines like Playboy are an effective aphrodisiac.

However, once one gets older, this capacity of easily getting strong erections diminishes. Therefore, men should know how to act in order to get strong erections even at during old age.

The secret for strong erections as well as for the control of sexual energy is the training of the PC muscle.

The contraction and relaxation of the PC muscle brings an additional flow of blood to the pelvic area, thus awakening the sexual energy. The result is increased potency.

The following will introduce you to a highly efficient exercise for becoming aware of the process involved in getting an erection.

The most simple exercise should be performed early in the morning, immediately after a shower. Stand up and try to get an erection at will.

If you do not succeed, you may ask your girlfriend to help you by delicately rubbing your lingam, or you could watch some exciting images.

If the erection is strong enough to sustain the weight of a towel hanging on it, then the man will gain confidence and experience.

He will learn how to relax the PC muscles, and then get a new erection again. During the first stages of your practice, you may bathe your lingam in cold water in order to achieve this relaxation more easily.

Each new erection must be strong enough to hold a towel. A complete cycle of this exercise is made up of four consecutive erections.

For some men, the first attempts are quite successful, but it becomes more difficult in time. When you encounter obstacles in this practice, remember that this simple exercise will help you prolong your sexual life, because the PC muscle will be greatly toned due to this exercise.

Place the left index on the head of your penis, and the forefinger from the same hand at the base of the penis.

Inhale, keep the air inside your lungs, contract the PC muscles and rub the penis with your other hand. The thumb, index, and middle finger of the right hand must apply pressure so that the blood will swell the penis.

Continue to massage while holding your breath. Repeat nine times. This technique brings the blood to the penis and keeps it there. While holding your breath, count to nine and move your fingers to the head of your penis. Thus, the flow of blood will harden the penis.

There are many effective cures for impotence caused by stress, physical exhaustion, or mental inhibitions.

The constant practice of Hatha Yoga techniques, a proper diet, meditation, a positive state of mind, and Tantric techniques are all quite useful in preventing and eliminating impotence. Just as useful for this purpose are aphrodisiacs.

Ginseng root, pollen, and other psychoactive substances may cure impotence in a short time, if used correctly and moderately. An ancient method for such problems is henna cataplasm applied on the area of the genitalia, head, hands or feet.

Another effective method for regaining your virility is the company of beautiful, vital and sensuous women.

However, more than anything, impotence is rapidly cured by changing your incorrect mental attitude and way of life.

The Tantric way of lovemaking is the universal cure for impotence as well as for other sexual problems because it is focused on the sexual practices which imply an exchange, a transfer of energy between the two lovers and on the active circulation of the energies due to the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual potential to the upper chakras .

Tantric lovemaking doesn’t include the idea of animalistic satisfaction of the senses (man’s ejaculatory orgasm, and the woman’s explosive orgasm, which are both followed by a tremendous loss of their sexual energy).

Instead, this approach on lovemaking gives you the possibility to realize the importance of harmony and the ability to enrich your ecstatic experiences.